Baltimore Crabfeast

In Baltimore, Maryland, Crabfeasts are taken seriously - making for most of Chesapeake Bay's summertime speciality. This November, we're doing as the Baltimoreans do and hosting Melbourne's very own Baltimore-style Crabfeast in The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, out the back of 1000 Pound Bend. 

We're lining up tables covered in brown paper, bringing in copious amounts of fresh Blue Swimmer Crab (plus sides), supplying the mallets to crack 'em open, and leaving it all on the table (literally). Bring your friends, family or just yourself as Melbourne comes together for its first family-style crab-a-thon buffet - all while inside a chapel. All you need to do? Come hungry, crack a beer upon entry and prepare for the ultimate storytelling.

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