7 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

Whilst you might think that them getting your carpets clean is the only benefit of hiring professional carpet cleaners, you would be mistaken. Not that having clean carpets is not hugely desirable; however, in addition to carpet cleaning for you, there is something else that expert carpet cleaners can offer you, and that is their knowledge of how to clean carpets.

Specifically, we are talking about you being able to ask a professional carpet cleaner all manner of questions about carpet cleaning, or them simply offering you advice, tips, and help regarding how you can both maintain your carpets and clean them effectively between professional cleans.

That advice can sometimes be worth a lot to you, including financially. Imagine the difference in what you would have to spend by being unable to prevent a stain from becoming permanent or your carpet wearing quickly and you, therefore, having to purchase new carpets versus being able to care for and clean your carpets due to the advice given to you by a professional carpet cleaner.

Now there are dozens of professional carpet cleaning tips we could list here for you; however, what we are going to do is provide you with the very best of those tips. Therefore, here are seven essential Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane from carpet cleaning professionals.

Vacuum Frequently

If you read more than one carpet cleaning tips article, you are likely to find this in all of them, and that is because it is so important. Vacuuming regularly can add years to the life of your carpet and helps keep them looking good as it lifts much of the surface dirt, such as dust.

Avoid Stains Rather Than Fix Them

Rather than have to deal with stains yourself or by calling in professional carpet cleaners, make a decision that you are going to take steps to avoid them. Ban food, drink, and make-up from the lounge, delegate a room as the one your children paint in, and ask that everyone removes footwear when entering your home.

Never Rub A Stain; Dab It

It is understandable why you might rub a stain when it happens, but avoid this, as it can make matters worse. Instead, use an absorbent towel to dab the area and soak up as much of the stain as possible. Then, apply an appropriate stain remover to remove the remainder of the stain, but again, do not rub, but dab.

Remove Liquid Stains With An Iron

Another ingenious way to remove liquid stains is to call upon your trusty iron. What you do is place a dry cloth over the stain and then rub the hot iron across it. You will find much of the stain is drawn into and absorbed by the cloth, making removing the remaining stain much easier.

Remove Gum Using Ice Cubes

If someone in your home or office chews gum and that gum is accidentally dropped on the carpet and solidifies, it can be what could be described as a tricky, sticky mess. However, by freezing the gum by placing an ice cube on it, it will harden and can be easily removed with no residue left behind.

Use A Lint Roller After Vacuuming

Whilst your vacuum cleaner will remove lots of dirt and debris from your carpets, it is not infallible, meaning there will still be some left behind. This is where something as simple as a lint roller comes to the rescue as rolling it across your carpet will pick up all manner of dirt, such as pet hair and tiny crumbs.

If In Doubt, Call The Professionals

Without including this one, we could not have a list of carpet cleaning tips. Time and again, home and business owners are thankful for the help and the carpet cleaning work that professional carpet cleaners do for them in removing stains, making their carpets look great, and extending their carpets’ lifespan.

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