How Often Should You Service Your Car

Regular servicing is essential to keep your car in good condition and avoid more serious issues. What is a car maintenance service? How much will it cost, and what will be done during it?

This article will answer these questions and help you to understand the importance of vehicle maintenance, particularly emphasizing the significance of quality vehicle servicing in Manukau. Regular maintenance not only ensures the longevity of your vehicle but also contributes significantly to its overall performance and safety.

What is a Car Service?

In general, car servicing involves checking worn parts and replacing them in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. To ensure that your car is reliable and safe, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. The technician should be a qualified professional, but it doesn’t need to be a franchised dealer.

The technician will check the brake fluid level, brake pad wear, and brake disc wear during each service. The technician will also perform additional checks, such as checking that the tyres, lights, horn and exhaust are working properly and within their limits. These checks are vital because they make sure your car can be operated safely on the road.

How often should I service my car?

The majority of manufacturers have a recommended service schedule for their models. The vehicle logbook or manual will detail the service schedule. Whichcar suggests that, as a rule, most cars be serviced professionally every six months (or 10,000km) (whichever comes first).

If you service your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not only will it help preserve its value but also make sure that the vehicle is safe. Regular servicing can also reveal problems, such as worn-out timing belts. It is much cheaper to replace these components now than rebuild the engine later.

What’s included in the car service?

The type of service that is being performed will determine the checks included in the service. The majority of manufacturers offer both interim and full service schedules.

What is included in a major auto service?

Interim service: During the interim service, oil and filters will be replaced and safety checks performed. This includes checking the brakes, lights, fluid level, tyres, and electricals. Some vehicles will require lubrication of suspension components such as ball joints.

Full service: A full service requires more thorough checks. Checking the engine for excessive wear on bearings and belts is part of this service. The wheel bearings, the wheel alignment, and shock absorbers are also checked. Pollen filters and air conditioning will be replaced.

Many manufacturers specify when to replace major components. Most manufacturers recommend that timing belts be changed every 100,000km, or every five years. Holden, however, recommends replacing timing belts every 60,000km on certain models because of a number unexpected failures.

What is not included with a car service?

Although most services include replacement of critical components, not all are included in the cost. You will receive a quote from your technician which includes the price of oil, fluids and filters. If there are other problems, they will be charged separately.

For example, most services schedules do not include tyre replacement. If you have damaged tyres, you’ll need to pay more to replace them. In the same way, many interim services don’t include brake discs and pads replacement, but they are checked for safety. Your technician will call you if defects are discovered and recommend replacement.

What happens if your car is not serviced?

It is a waste of money to not service your car according to the schedule set by the manufacturer. A car with no maintenance history will be worth much less than one that has been maintained properly. Partly, this is because people prefer to purchase a well-maintained car. A complete service history also allows you to verify the mileage.

Regular service can help identify parts that need to be replaced. A worn-out timing belt, for example, can break, causing extensive damage to the crankshaft and valves. A complete engine rebuild will be required, which can cost several thousand dollars. This cost could have been avoided by replacing the belt for a small amount.

What is the cost of a car service in your area?

The cost of servicing your vehicle depends on the type (interim or complete), the model, and whether the service is performed by the manufacturer or a technician independent. Oneflare estimates that the average service cost in Australia is between $150 and $250. The price may vary from one state to another.

The location of the vehicle, its age and previous servicing can also affect the price. By checking the tyres tread depth and fluid level yourself, you can save money on service.

How long will it take to service my car?

The time it takes to perform each service will vary depending on the model, the manufacturer and the service type. A full service can take up to four hours.

Remember that this is a standard service. If defects are discovered, extra time may be required to correct them. You should be able get an estimate from your technician for the completion date. Most repairs, except for the most severe cases, can be done the same day.

Is it possible to do this while you wait for the other person?

If no other problems are discovered, standard or interim servicing can be completed within 1 to 2 hours. It is possible to wait for the service. You may wish to inform the technician or garage that you plan to wait at the time of booking the car. It will give them time to order any spare parts that they may need.

It will take 2 to 4 hours for a full service to be completed. Therefore, it is better to arrange a courtesy vehicle or alternative transportation. Some garages will offer to drive you home or to your destination, as no one wants their car to be fixed for two to four hours.

Maintain Your vehicle.

In summary, servicing your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendation will ensure that your car is safe and secure as well as reduce the possibility of unexpected service costs. This will increase the value of your car when you decide to sell it. When you trade in your vehicle, you should be able keep more than just the cost of service.

To maintain the value of your car, you need to ensure that the logbook has been completed correctly. The logbook is the only official proof that the car has been properly maintained. It is a waste to pay for a service without completing the logbook.

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