How To Match Your Cheese With Your Wine

Hunter Valley’s wine and cheese are renowned, making them a great pair for a romantic evening with your partner or an energetic gathering of friends.

The pairing is the classic one, as the cheeses range from soft to stinky and enhance the wine’s flavors. Finding out what wine goes with which cheese can be tricky, and we may not always have professionals on hand to guide us! We’ve simplified the process by creating a guide on how to pair your favorite cheese with wine, perfect for your cheese and wine tour in Hunter Valley.

  • Hard Cheeses
    The most popular cheeses are the ones that you can easily get. Cheddar, Gouda and other delicious varieties make the perfect treat. The majority of hard cheeses contain a lot of fat which pairs well with red wines. It is best to select a lighter red wine, such as pinot noir, because the cheese will mask the tannins of a stronger style. Chardonnay, a buttery white wine that pairs well with strong cheeses.

  • Soft Cheeses
    A oozing Brie, or Camembert, is the perfect indulgence for a wine-and-cheese night. The soft cheese will spread easily over sweet or salty crackers, creating a delightful experience. The cheeses can range in taste from mild to pungent, so the wine will depend on the cheese’s age and flavour. Most people choose a rose or fruity pinot, which won’t overwhelm the mild cheese flavours. It’s perfect for a sunny afternoon with friends!

  • Blue Cheese
    These cheeses may smell bad, but they can make for the best wine tasting! Salty and pungent cheeses with blue veins pair well with sweeter wines such as dessert wine or a type of sherry. The opposites attract, giving you an amazingly sweet and savoury bite!

  • Washed-Rind Cheese
    These strong wash rinds cheeses are pungent and have a sweet, nutty or creamy interior. They pair perfectly with sparkling wine. Vintage sparkling wine, whether white or red is the best match. If you don’t like sparkling wine, then a medium-bodied, red wine such as barbera or grenache will work well. Even lighter whites like riesling or Semillon are great companions.

  • Goat’s cheese and Sheep’s cheese
    These earthier cheeses pair well with Sauvignon Blanc. These cheeses are chalky, so the citrus flavours in the wine will make the perfect finishing touch!


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