You’ll receive a quote from movers that will include things like the cost of man-hours, transportation and gas, and materials. It’s crucial to know how much to tip your movers, whether you choose from the best moving companies or are looking for a low-cost moving service. This is especially important if your moving costs will be higher than expected.

What is likely to be excluded from the estimate? A tip. You may not know how much you should tip your movers in hamilton if gratuity isn’t included in the moving bill. Here’s a guide to help you understand.

Do you have to tip your movers?

No. There is no standard industry tipping. Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated by movers. The fact that tipping is not mandatory doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

The average hourly wage for movers is just 16. It’s not much, considering the amount of work they do. Thomas Trainor is the founder of Relocation Concierge. The company provides professional concierge services and moving assessments.

What is the standard tip for movers?

If you’re moving across the street with a 2-person crew that takes only a few hours, your tip amount should be less than someone who moves a five-bedroom house across the country. You should tip less if you are moving across town with a 2-person team that only takes a few hours than someone who is moving a 5-bedroom house across the country using a long-distance moving company.

Trainor recommends following a 6 to 12 per hour per mover guideline, which includes the driver. We’ve made a table below to illustrate what it might look like if you were wondering how much tip to give movers.

When to tip and when not to tip

No one wants to tip movers excessively ( moving costs are expensive as it is), especially if they don’t feel the job was done well, or the movers were not very friendly. Tipping is one way to express your appreciation for a job done well. You may want to give a little more or deduct some money from the tip you planned.

When you should tip more:

  • Your movers will need to be prepared for oversized or fragile items
  • Your movers will be personable and kind
  • Your movers will work quickly
  • The extra effort that movers take to assist you with the assembly and setup of certain items

When you should tip less:

  • Your movers may arrive late or with the wrong size vehicle
  • If your movers are deliberately slow in their work, such as overwrapping or moving materials inefficiently
  • You have to do most of the work.
  • Your items may be damaged or mistreated by your movers.

What to tip movers

You’ve decided to tip the moving team. How can you do this? It’s up to you to decide how to proceed. You can tip the person who is leading or tip all of them. This is the person you have probably spoken to the most.

Trainor suggests tipping every mover separately at the end of each day in order to avoid the possibility that a lead mover is dishonest. Trainor warns that tipping only at the end of a move could make it difficult to divide tips fairly since each day’s crew may be different. If you only tip at the end, the mover that isn’t on duty on the last day may not receive the tip.

It doesn’t matter how you split the tip as long as cash is on hand. If your moving company doesn’t include gratuity in the bill, you can’t split a tip on a card.

Do you need to feed movers?

You may need to eat during your move, which can take several hours. What about your movers, though? If you’re wondering how much to tip your movers, one way to make sure they are happy is to feed them.

The move will go much smoother if you provide food. Most moving crews bring enough water and food to feed themselves. Reynolds says that “movers appreciate when customers offer snacks or refreshments.”

Pizza and subs can be a good option because they are relatively cheap, and everyone enjoys them. You can also offer a few local food options or even a small stipend to allow your crew to find their own.

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