Wooden floors in bathroom

Wood bathroom flooring has been an excellent foundation for many homes around the globe over the years. Timber’s timeless elegance, natural qualities, and beauty make it a popular choice in bathroom designs.

Wood bathroom flooring ideas are more popular than ever. Modern technologies have enabled a wide range of textures and patterns that were impossible in the interior design industry.

Is Wood Floor In A Bathroom A Good Idea?

Wood flooring ideas have become a popular choice for designers looking to soften the appearance of bathrooms. Nicola Harding, the interior designer at Nicola Harding & Co (opens in new tab), says that a bathroom’s floorboards add warmth and texture. James Lentaigne is Drummonds’ creative director. He says a wood floor can be a great way to add personality to the bathroom. It will make it feel more spacious and more prosperous.

Can wood flooring be found in the bathroom?

Boards can warp from fluctuations in temperature and humidity, especially in bathrooms and shower rooms. Be sure to check with your supplier before you buy. Not all companies sell products that are suitable for use in bathrooms. Because of its construction and tolerating different environments, engineered wood is better for bathrooms, says Lisa Persse (opens in new tab). Engineered wood is not made from one piece of timber. Instead, it’s made with solid wood over plywood layers for a strong and stable result. Engineered wood can be used with underfloor heating. Your supplier can help you choose the best bathroom and shower flooring ideas.

What is the best place to use wood flooring in a bathroom?

Victoria Gray, the interior designer at Olivine Design, says that water sitting on a wooden bathroom floor can eventually damage or discolor it. Avoid using wood floors in damp rooms.

Wood flooring can be an excellent choice for well-designed bathrooms with natural beauty. It is also a great alternative to the more clinical look of an all-over tiled scheme. Nicola Harding recommends using floor tiles in the shower and wooden flooring in other areas of the room. She suggests the room can flow beautifully with complementary but softly contrasting floors.

How do you maintain wood flooring in a bathroom?

Recommendations are often product-specific, so check with your supplier before purchasing. Wood floors can be protected with hard wax oil and given a final oiling after installation. Lisa says maintenance oil can also be bought and used as often or as little as needed to feed the wood over time and improve the finish.

What to replace wood flooring in a bathroom?

Wood-effect porcelain tiles have the appearance of wood but are much more affordable. Unlike natural wood, porcelain tiles can withstand moisture, scratches, and fade. They are suitable for use in the modern bathroom and wet rooms. Jo Oliver, director at The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse (opens in new tab). Digital printing has allowed porcelain tiles to be made with “natural” variations from tile to tile. This gives them the same visual warmth as natural wood and makes them virtually indistinguishable from real ones.

Bathroom Flooring: Wood Lookalikes

Many options are available if you have decided against wood flooring for your bathroom.

Thanks to modern technology, vinyl tiles with a luxurious bathroom floor can look like wood. Some vinyl tiles even have a wood-like texture. It’s also an excellent non-slip bathroom flooring option.

Also, consider bathroom tile ideas. Ceramic tile and porcelain can be replicated in wood-like colors and are easier to maintain in busy households.

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