How to style a bookcase

A successful scheme will require you to know how to make a bookcase look elegant and not a distraction. Our experts can help you display your books in a way that is pleasing to both the eye and your wallet.

You may be looking for a bookshelf design to enhance your collection. These items’ material, layout, and shape are critical to your display. Remember to include your most treasured keepsakes. A bookshelf can be used to hold memories.

How to Style a Bookcase

These rules will help you style your bookshelf, whether looking for reading nooks, larger home library designs, or beautiful book storage options.

These are not organizational tips. They are more aesthetic. If you are a fan of color, you might display your favorite brightly colored books. Or, you could turn your readers so you don’t see spines.

Include space for display in addition to books.

The design of a home library can pose a problem if you over-stylize bookcases. Don’t worry about books being too numerous. Books are often beloved and not used as props. If you do, however, make sure that some regions of your bookshelves are not used for reading and that they are devoted to displaying or displaying a few key pieces that represent the style of your space. Emma Thomas, Homes & Gardens’ interior designer, says this is a good idea.

Work Niches Into Your Bookshelf Design

It is worth planning the layout of your bookshelves with in mind how you want to style them. This is especially useful in spaces where the bookshelf is the main focal point or the most exciting element, such as at the end of a hallway. It is also one of the characteristic home office ideas you should include in your home study. The bookcase is set against a metallic background with larger, more prominent niches that can be used to display artwork.

Display books stacked in piles.

You can create a bookcase by stacking coffee table books in piles – it works best visually. If you do this, leave enough space between each bank to look more planned and organized than chaotic and accidental. You could organize them by subject matter or group similar colors to keep them looking spacious and stylish.

Display Books by ‘Weight

According to Lucy Searle Homes & Gardens’ Editor-in-Chief, ‘To achieve a balanced look when styling a bookshelf, placing the enormous tomes lower than the upper shelves is best. More little books should be placed on the top. Look for organic-shaped vases that contrast with the vertical lines of your bookshelf.

Use Color Scheme Rules for Bookshelves

Living room bookshelf designs do not have to be the center of your space. They can serve as a background for the rest of the scheme. If you are a collector of classics, they will not have brightly colored spines. You can also remove vibrant-colored jackets to show a neutral spine underneath.

You can also display your vinyl on bookshelves.

The bookshelves look great with vinyl records. You can also add singles to the album collection. Add a few pieces of the same color as the tangerine pieces to tie the scheme together. Or show off your Penguin classics with similar spine colors.

Style a Bookcase with ‘Less Is More in Mind

It is a common mistake to stuff all your ornaments and books together on a bookshelf. This is where the old saying “less is more” is crucial. If you have beautiful colors behind your bookcase, then you should be able to see it.

Add Showcase Accessories to Books

We asked Ben Stokes (opens in new window) why styling bookcases is crucial for a happy scheme.

A bookcase can be used to display many different styles. You can show your favorite decorative items on shelves. It’s easy to make them look great.

You can create balance by using trailing house plants. Place them higher than the rest and add more miniature succulents to the lower part. A set of statement bookends will complete the look. They can be used to display a carefully selected collection of books.

Display Books Imaginatively

You know that variety is the best thing about life. Books don’t have to be stored horizontally. You can mix the two to create a more exciting and stylish bookshelf. We don’t mean to put books together tightly. A few books leaning in towards each other makes a relaxed look more appealing than a uniform appearance and allows for varying heights. You can place an ornament on horizontal books, such as a bud vase or a scented candle.

Display Your Bookshelf Style With Color

You can create interest by using your color scheme to draw attention to your bookcase styling. Jo Bailey, the deputy editor at Homes & Gardens, says that colorful books should be displayed against a dark background to make them stand out.

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