We have a complete guide to Halloween home decor, from outdoor decorations to spooky treats.

The Halloween season has officially begun! For years, Halloween in Australia has gained momentum. This year everyone is ready to celebrate. We’ve got all the best ideas for Halloween, whether you want to decorate your house weirdly, throw a party with friends or make creepy crafts with kids.

Scroll down (and keep scrolling). Our complete Halloween home style guide. This complete Halloween guide contains various indoor and outdoor style tips, DIY decor, and even our favorite spooky treats. It is the ultimate witches’ brew for celebrating Halloween in style.

What is the best place to begin?

Choose a color or theme before going to the store and buying Halloween decor. A common theme, like color accents or items, will elevate your home’s look. This is also an excellent way to save money on Halloween, as you will know what direction to go. You won’t waste money on things you don’t need, and you can create your own budget-friendly Halloween decorations.

There are many classic Halloween themes, including:

  • Skeletons
  • Bats
  • Witches and broomsticks
  • Pumpkins
  • Ghosts
  • zombies
  • Graveyards
  • Spiders and spiderwebs
  • Black cats
  • crows.

When it comes to modern Halloween decorating, you can do almost anything! Be free of these traditional themes.

Interior Halloween decor ideas

Let’s begin this Halloween home style guide with a theme! We have divided this guide between indoor and outdoor decorating ideas because we found so many. These are some of our favorite ways to bring Halloween into your home, from gallery walls to entryway styling, cushion styling, and more.

Entry Style

It is a great place to start decorating your house for Halloween.

Add some Halloween decorative pillows to a bench, or use the surface of a console to create an eerie vignette. A broom leaning against the wall can also be a subtle but effective Halloween touch. Add some spiderwebs to the wall.

Wall Gallery

A gallery wall is a great place to add some Halloween style. You can decorate it with Halloween or swap out a few family portraits. Stick to one theme for a consistent look.

BOO Banner

This fun DIY BOO banner by A beautiful mess is another way to sprinkle Halloween on your walls. This simple Halloween decoration adds a festive feel without being too over the top.


You can add festive cushions in any room. Take a look below at this fun window bench! We’re confident you’ll find Halloween cushions that match your style.

Bat decor

The easiest (and most affordable!) way to introduce Halloween decor into your interior is by adding bat decor. You can introduce Halloween into your interior design. You can easily recreate this look using black paper, blue-tac, and scissors.

DIY Book Page Ghost Garland

This ghost garlands DIYby Thistle Key Lane will help you upcycle a book you no longer need. This garland is easy to string and only takes a few moments to create.


Let’s face it — installing fake spiderwebs on every surface of our home would be a significant hassle. The following example shows that a small amount can go a long way. This is an excellent idea for your powder room to surprise guests with a gourdy treat.

Hanging Hats

You can do this hanging hat from Happy Happy Nester inside or out! You can make your witch hats with inexpensive ones, string, and other items.

Create a Vignette

A vignette can be a great idea, whether you want to decorate in a big way or do something simple. Vignettes can be an excellent way to tell stories. Sprinkle your interior style and the must-see items in a simple yet effective Halloween display.

Spooky Ghost Lights

Imagine a row of these ghosts on a window sill or mantel! This Mas & Pass spooky Ghost light DIY can be enjoyed by the entire family!

Cauldron with a pot plant

This idea is from Instagram user @psycho_but_cute. We never thought of putting a potted plant inside a plastic cauldron. These would also look great on either side of your front door.

DIY Spider Web Tablecloth

You can make your tablecloths at home! This DIY Halloween tablecloth is an excellent option for those on a budget! This tablecloth features a spiderweb pattern and is perfect for your Halloween snacks.

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