Download the Free eGuide to Learn about the Top Digital Marketing Tools Preferred by Digital Agencies for 2021

We have collected reviews from 50 digital marketers around the globe. They reviewed their favorite digital marketing tools.

Digital Agency Network lists the most popular digital agencies around the globe and the digital marketing tools that agencies use. In this eGuide community, we asked digital marketing agencies to share their favorite digital marketing tool.

Everyone uses digital marketing tools for different reasons. It can track your projects online, check your work before publishing it, schedule your social media posts, and more. You will need it to continue your work at some point.

In this guide, you will find the opinions of 50 digital marketers from 25 different agencies. They also shared their reasons for choosing these specific digital marketing tools. These results are inspiring and insightful for anyone interested in digital marketing.

Download your copy for free to learn how digital agencies manage their work using digital marketing tools.

What digital marketing tools are covered in this guide?

Digital agencies must always be tech-savvy due to their position within the industry. The digital tools they use are specific to an agency’s services.

Seven main categories are available for the tools:

  1. Advertising Management & Analytics
  2. Collaboration
  3. eCommerce Marketing
  4. Remote Working
  5. SEO/SEM
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Web Design

This guide will allow you to hear from SEO experts at agencies about their favorite SEO tools. They will also explain why they choose that particular tool. All categories are treated the same. This allows any digital marketer to see what devices are being used by their peers at other agencies around the globe.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a digital tool for your marketing agency?

72% of participants said that references are essential when choosing a tool for digital marketing. This shows the importance of this eGuide for digital marketers.

Experts in digital marketing also rate the following features as necessary when choosing a tool for digital marketing:

Who are our partners?

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