The Best Patio Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

Your patio should be able to seamlessly transition from daytime to nighttime. It’s especially important if you live somewhere where it is not recommended to spend time outside during the day unless you are neck-deep in cool water. It’s patio time by the time the sun goes down. A slight breeze, cooler temperatures and perhaps a cocktail to hand? Count us in. If all you have to work with for patio lighting is the flickering of fireflies, you may soon find yourself in darkness.

You can transform your backyard by determining the best patio lighting for your area. Patio lighting can transform your backyard into a place that encourages conversation and elevates meals outside. It can even help you create the staycation of your dreams, just steps away from home.

1. Globe String Lights Create Ambience

Globe string lights are a great way to create ambience and artificial light on your patio. They’re also a cost-effective option. Measure the length of the string you will need before you start by following the path that you plan to string the lights. You may need more than you think, especially if your lights will be hung in a zigzag fashion.

When shopping for patio string lighting, you should also consider the type of lightbulb (avoid fluorescent bulbs as they emit less UV radiation and attract fewer insects), whether to use solar power or plug in, and whether to choose options that can be controlled via a smartphone. This is especially useful if you wish to control your lights with a timer.

2. Install Track Lighting Above

Lighting integrated into the framework of your patio can be ideal if you have a covered or large patio. Track- and can lighting options that are resistant to the elements outdoors and dimmable can provide your outdoor space with the perfect amount of light. Choosing built-in lights that are hidden behind ceiling beams will keep the look unobtrusive, and make the architecture the focal point.

3. Hang Pendant Lights From A Pergola

A wicker basket light, whether you make it yourself or purchase it, is a rustic and charming choice. At least two fixtures should be placed over a rectangular long table so that no one will be left in the dark after the sun has set. When choosing your pendant light, it’s important to ensure it is safe for use outdoors. This means it must be rated outdoor grade. It doesn’t matter if the pendant light is not exposed to the weather, but it still needs to be made of materials that are durable and can withstand humidity, heat and sunlight.

4. Hurricanes Illuminate The Path.

The pathway leading to your patio is not something you should ignore. To create a safe flow from your indoor space to your patio, it is important to light the path. Low-lying hurricanes and lanterns can provide enough light to illuminate the path while not drawing attention away from your patio. Battery-powered pillars are an option, but you can also choose a candle that simulates real candlelight to add charm.

5. Use String-light Planters To Carve Out A Space

String lights are attractive, but how can you secure them if there are no walls or structural elements on your patio? The answer is DIY string-light plants. It’s not as difficult as you may think. If you want to create a separate space on a large patio, such as separating the dining and lounge areas or if the patio is just a glorified 8×8 concrete patch, string lights in a zigzag design can be used.

6. Layer Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is not a one-size fits all solution. You’ll need to consider the time of day, whether it is dawn, dusk or past sundown, when deciding how much artificial lighting you will need on your patio. Having a variety of options is both stylish and practical. Safety is the main reason to have a sconce outside your door. Motion-activated spotlights are also useful for illuminating darker areas in the yard or patio. They’re usually hung under the roof. You can turn off the sensor when entertaining outside. This will make your guests feel more comfortable. The majority of products are easily switchable from motion-sensing to on/off functionality.

It is important to have the option to change to a more mellow glow, even if you have plenty of lights, such as spotlights or sconces. To provide a final layer of ambient lighting while repelling insects, place torches along the patio edge. Another option is to use staked-bottomed torch that can be placed directly in the ground beyond the edge of the patio. Candlelight is essential on the table, but what about flames that go out with the slightest breeze? It’s not so bad. The answer is a hurricane. They come in a variety of sizes, from those large enough to hold a group of pillars to smaller ones that can fit just one votive.

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