Sealing concrete surfaces and why is it essential?

Has your concrete contractor suggested sealing your concrete driveway or floor?

Now, you are questioning why it is important and whether or not you should go for it. Well, settle down because we have answers to all of your questions. Once done, you will look for the best concrete sealing in Melbourne

Damage protection 

A major advantage you get by sealing concrete is that it protects your concrete driveway and flooring from all sorts of damage. Also, it creates a protective layer on the surface that protects it from oil and grease, keeping it aesthetically pleasing for years.

Better durability

Concrete driveways and floors are known to last longer. But many external elements can affect its longevity. With the right concrete sealing in Melbourne, you can improve the durability of your concrete surfaces. That is why you need sealing to add that extra layer of protection.  

There are many different types of sealing available in the market. Each one offers protection for a certain period and will require reapplication after a couple of years. Expensive ones will last longer than the others. It keeps the underneath concrete safe and secure, thus, increasing its life expectancy.  

Protection mold and mildew

Being a porous material and concrete tends to absorb moisture. This moisture often doesn’t dry out, and being wet for a long-time increases the chances of mold and mildew. It becomes more and more apparent with time as a greenish colour starts forming on your concrete driveway. 

Moldy surfaces are a huge no-go, as they spoil the entire aesthetic of your concrete driveway, sideway, or floors. Well, you can easily prevent it from happening with a simple solution of sealing applications. Sealing forms a protective layer that prevents moisture from entering the concrete surface. It prevents bacteria, mold, and algae from forming on the surface, keeping your concrete floors and driveways always aesthetically pleasing. 

Sheild against extreme weather

Most of the major damage to the pavement is often caused by extreme weather conditions. Each weather has a different effect on the concrete. Here are a few examples of the damage caused by different weather conditions. 

  • In winter, melting snow can enter the crack and holes, causing the concrete surface to shift after it freezes. Thus, creating a freeze-thaw cycle. 
  • In fall, leaves, petals, debris, and branches can accumulate on the surface, making it difficult for you to attend to damages. 
  • During summer, extreme UV rays can cause the concrete to crack. 
  • Rainfall also makes up for the most damage and causes mildew and mold to form on the surface. 

Sealing concrete can act as a shield against extreme weather. It is capable of protecting your concrete driveway from the harshest weather condition. It will form a protective layer, keeping the surface safe from UV rays, freeze-thaw cycles, and heavy rain. 

Easier maintenance 

The biggest advantage of having a concrete driveway or surface is that it requires significantly less maintenance than other flooring or driveway options. Dirt and liquids can easily enter the concrete surface. Sealing acts as a layer that prevents this from happening. 

It is a lot easier to clean a sealed concrete floor or driveway. There is no need for scrubbing, brushing, or high-pressure water cleaning. A simple process of sweeping and mopping can get the job done in no time.


If you want your concrete driveway or flooring to always be nice looking, sealing is the only way. Sealed concrete is easier to maintain and lasts long. There are so many more reasons for you to contact a sealing contractor to keep your driveway and flooring always protected and aesthetically pleasing. 


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