How growth marketing stacks are reshaping digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing is exploding. AdAge reports that the number of digital agencies and service providers has doubled in America since 2012.

Our industry is growing, and competition is increasing. From college dropouts running web development from their mother’s basement to boutique growth agencies and marketing firms with over 100 employees, the competition in our industry is increasing.

Marketing automation platforms, new inbound methods, and advanced marketing strategies inspired by technology capabilities emerged. Savvy marketers combined these to create growth-driven marketing stacks that outperform most vanilla service offerings.

The hazardous marketing operations include innovative growth marketing stacks, such as Webitmd from Los Angeles or top firms in New York City. These marketing operations can quickly bury traditional SEO/PPC campaigns.

These are why growth marketing stacks threaten traditional digital agencies and why it is wise for businesses to examine their fit with a set of strategically designed tools and strategies aligned with business goals.

Growth Marketing Stacks Force Goal Focus

SEO is the most popular digital marketing strategy for businesses. Most agencies and service providers rely on it as their primary source of income.

SEO can also be the most challenging service to align goals with because many SEO services only focus on content ranking. Conversion optimization is only sometimes integrated into the task of cultivating organic traffic.

When companies invest in growth stacks, they combine SEO with other traffic-generating strategies. They use a goal-focused approach and measurable reporting that reveals precisely where revenue and conversions came from.

It adds a lot of value as the companies can justify their investment and use data to optimize the strategy using an agile approach.

It is possible to maintain focus when multiple technologies and strategies work together toward the same goal.

Growth Marketing Technology Platforms are Extremely Valuable

Suppose their clients become aware of digital marketing agencies focused on growth and their technological capabilities. In that case, they will be able to see a drop in their client retention rates.

Marketing automation can be a huge help in achieving high revenue targets. With customized messaging, marketing automation allows marketers to reach precise audiences at the right time. It also saves time and money for organizations while providing high-level data which can be used for campaign optimization.

Let’s talk data. The type of data generated by CRMs such as HubSpot provides accurate and personal information to marketers in a transparent way.

Growth marketing agencies can get an immediate picture of the lead, including their name, email address, and job title. Traditional SEO agencies only have a partial view from Google Analytics.

The marketing team can see the traffic source, the touch points, and the re-entry point back into the funnel.

This not only helps marketers refine campaigns, from audience targeting tactics and email marketing cadence to showing additional value to clients. It instills confidence that the dollars invested are paying off.

Growth Stack Reporting is Measurable

Digital marketing’s various components can be challenging to justify.

Brands invest thousands of dollars in organic strategies and blog posts but can only measure the value of page views, bounce rate, and rankings. These metrics need to provide insight into whether they have impacted conversions. Growth stack marketing reports do.

Top-of-funnel strategies, such as SEO, paid media, and social media, are equipped with technology tools that enable reporting on where leads come from and their behavior patterns once they enter the funnel.

Marketers and clients will gain a lot of value by seeing which blogs were instrumental in generating revenue. They can also determine which landing pages convert more effectively and which articles off-site help companies reach their sales targets.

Growth Marketing Agencies Have the Best Talent

When organizations switch from traditional marketing services providers to growth agencies, they immediately notice the difference in service quality and execution.

The best growth marketing agencies in the business are essential to their survival.

It is not uncommon for companies to poach talent from another firm. To perform their role at the highest level possible, growth marketers must fully understand how traffic generation, lead generation, and strategies work together in technology logic.

The marketing manager must thoroughly understand the various marketing tools and how they work together. They should also be aware of any limitations in terms of strategic execution.

It isn’t easy to find talent that can fill these shoes, but savvy companies want these teams. Our clients left their previous marketing services provider because the team needed to gain skills and communicate between departments.

growth-marketing agencies cannot be directly competed with by these providers. High-level strategies bring a special caliber of talent to our industry.

Raising the Bar

The bar has been set higher, causing a shake-up in the marketing industry.

Businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of investing in marketing stacks designed by top marketing teams.

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