Home Kmart Hacks: Furniture and decor makeovers.

Kmart is the place to shop for affordable and trendy homewares. Sometimes, these goodies need a little TLC to make them unique. Here are some awesome Kmart home hacks that inspire you for your next DIY!

Coffee table redesign

Anastasia completely transformed the Archer Coffee Table using it as a foundation. She replaced the top of the table with wood and added a porta-timber to make a stylish centerpiece for her living room. Which one do we prefer?

Re-purpose old vases

Please excuse us while we get our jaws off the floor… because it’s fantastic. Vivian gave the cute Kmart handle terracotta vase an “aged makeover.”

Here’s how she did it. Spray paint in color, color Flat Black. (Available at Bunnings). Add a layer of Dixie Bell ‘Mud’ brown using paper towels. Then she dabbed four acrylic paint colors (Fawn Opal Brown Black) using paper towels.

Hamptons dining chairs are upgraded.

Hamptons Interiors are hot right now. When we saw this Hamptons-inspired chair makeover, we knew you would love it.

Carlee gave her chair pads a new look by painting them white and using these Kmart tea towel stripes. We are seriously impressed!

Rattan’s sideboard transformed into a mudroom bench.

Do you agree that this stunning boho-inspired mudroom is gorgeous? Taralee created this great bench seat by using two Kmart rattan sides. This is a great way to create something chic and luxurious for less.

Side tables can be used as stylish outdoor dining table.

Gina is not one to back down from a challenge. She tackled her Kmart hack. She used 4 of the Kmart Oak Look Side Tables (sold in a set) to create a stunning curved dining room table with tiled column legs.

Ambitious… yes! Gina is an amateur DIYer who has never tiled or used a jigsaw. If Gina can do it, so can you. She has shared her blog and a video tutorial.

The latest in timber wall sconces

Sometimes, the talent behind these Kmart hacks is genuinely amazing! This hack from Dina took the Kmart table lamp and transformed it into two incredible wall sconces that are on trend. All in all, she spent just $38 on the project!

Hanging pendant lights

There are many DIY hacks for basket pendant lights. Nicole turned the base from a Kmart table lamp into a fabulous hanging pendant. She shares tips, tricks, and tutorials on her Instagram page, Zephyr House.

Bedside table makeover: From boring to gorgeous

Camille completely revamped the boring Egon side table and transformed it into a piece of furniture that is a-MAZING. It only took a few coats of paint, a half-round dowel, and some gold spray paint. It’s now a bedside that looks ten times better and more expensive. ).

Art bowls: a new way to enjoy the art of bowls

You and I would have never considered turning plain Kmart bowls into decor art! How good do they look? These bowls have been given a new lease of life with just a coat of paint and a little glue.

Side table redesign

Okay, we love this! Take the pink (oh, so pink!! ). Mac + Me has given the Hugo side table a makeover with Porta Timber from Bunnings and two coats of paint. What a change!

Room screen bedhead hack

Ceryce came up with this brilliant idea when she struggled to find a head for her super-king bed. She removed the ends of 2 Kmart screen room screens and popped them together for a fabulous new look. It’s so clever and creative!

The pink ottoman transformed into a stylish side table.

After Zoe Gilpin, The diy decorator finished it; we loved the pink ottoman! She painted it and took off the fabric and foam. Voila! This is so trendy right now!

Make your wall art

The Koala Print from Kmart may be adorable, but wouldn’t it be even cuter if he was a lifesaver? Deb KENT reinvented this famous wall print. It’s amazing how creative thinking can be rewarding! We’ve seen Kmart prints covered with plaster by people who need to gain artistic skills. The canvas is cheaper than plain canvas, and the images come with frames!


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