Digital Marketing KPIs for 2022

Digital Marketing KPIs are a great way to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

These are essential for measuring campaigns accurately and with accuracy. These indicators are used to measure the effectiveness of the defined actions in the strategy. This allows for a more comprehensive view of the results.

We can use various KPIs to detect sales results, conversions, and engagement.

What are Key Performance Indicators?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure the success of a particular action in digital marketing. They are a set that shows how close or not a strategy is to its goals.

These KPIs must be tracked as they vary depending on the campaign’s performance. One of the most common KPIs is to measure visits from social media channels.

This KPI measures the volume of traffic coming from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The book may vary day-to-day, week-to-week, or even month-to-month.

It’s important always to check performance, no matter how erratic these numbers may be.

Marketing objectives must select KPIs

Digital Marketing teams can use any KPIs or even create their own. It’s different from how many KPIs you use but which ones. It doesn’t matter how many KPIs are used, but what ones.

This choice should be based on the goals of the business. Remember that plans are subject to change, and each campaign has its purpose.

Remember that KPIs are constantly changing.

The KPIs should be linked to the strategy’s goal.

Metrics that are relevant to this article are those that indicate where the visitors of your website originate from and not how many conversions you get.

It is possible to use more KPIs. We can only evaluate the strategy properly if we have the right metrics. These metrics are what help to translate the progress of the company towards the campaign goal.

Why is it essential that you keep track of KPIs

Monitoring Digital Marketing KPIs plays a vital role in the process. These indicators are a good indicator of what professionals want.

Understanding why these KPIs are important and what we can track them too!

Accurate Strategies

First, the goals are defined, then we choose the strategies.

This will allow you to determine if your choice was correct.

KPIs can be used to measure the success of a strategy.

If these numbers are definite, then the choices made in planning were correct. However, poor metrics only sometimes represent adequate strategies.

We must also view KPIs in a broader context. Weak results are a good starting point to investigate what’s going wrong.

Metrics only have value if they are analyzed.

Proper budget investment

Digital Marketing budgets are usually smaller for smaller companies. In these cases, the investment must be precise and make the best use of the money available.

KPIs are necessary to determine if an investment is worthwhile. The metrics will allow us to identify which campaigns and actions have helped achieve our objectives more quickly and effectively.

KPIs allow for waste to be avoided and allocate the most significant percentage of budgets to campaigns with a higher ROI. Digital Marketing is only complete with managing the financial resources.

What are the eight digital marketing KPIs that you should measure by 2022?

Are you looking for the best Digital marketing KPIs in 2022 to measure? We have created a list that includes the most important ones to make a significant difference in your strategy.

Learn what they measure and how to calculate and analyze them!

Cost per lead

This metric displays the cost per lead. This metric allows us to see how much we spent on our budget to acquire new information.

The objective is to determine if the investment aligns with the effort to achieve the lead.

In a given period, assessing the resources and time spent on the strategy is essential.

The investment should be matched to the number of leads.

Cost per conversion

This KPI helps us determine how much we’ve invested in converting leads into clients.

This metric is important because it allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of middle-funnel strategies. The higher the conversion rate, the better.

Check the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to see how many leads were received during the specified period. Then, determine how many conversions were made based on the same period. Assess the costs and effort applied to obtain the conversions during this period.

Divide the monthly cost of a particular source of leads by the number of conversions. You can then calculate the cost of each new client.

Net Promoter Score

This KPI is used to measure the satisfaction of customers with the business.

To do this, in a survey, we ask: What is your likelihood of recommending the product or service to a friend?

We arrange them into three groups based on the rating selected by the client:

  • Brand enthusiasts are those who vote from 9 to 10.
  • The majority of those who voted 7 to 8 are satisfied but less engaged in seeking out better products, offers, and services;
  • Customers who have voted 0-6 are likely to be dissatisfied and may even speak negatively about the brand.

The average satisfaction rating is calculated by subtracting the lowest (0 to 6) level from the highest (9 to 10) group.

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