Digital Asset Management: How to Choose the Best Digital Asset Management System for Digital Agencies

Do you know how much time employees spend trying to find assets? Employees can spend up to 20% of their working week searching for internal information. How can you improve the time employees spend tracking down information? We’ll dive deep into the best software for digital asset management in agencies!

Your employees will only save money and time if you create a central location for all your digital assets.

These assets should be searchable and easily accessible. With the right digital asset software, this is possible.

This article will explore the best DAM software options available for your business. It will also explain how this software can benefit you and your company.

How to choose the best digital asset management software

Digital asset management software is available from many different companies. It would help if you first determined what you need. Are you looking for something affordable? AI-powered?

Where are all your assets located? Do they live in silos or on a million different hard drives? DAM software creates a central digital library that’s searchable, accessible, and secure.

Work with different file formats? DAM software lets you easily upload any file format and find old assets.

You can choose the DAM that is right for your business once you have determined what it needs and how DAMs can increase productivity.

Why does your agency need digital asset management software?

You have to manage a lot of assets as an agency. You need to ensure that your team knows which version of the website they should be working with if clients return for revisions.

Losing essential files or assets can be costly to your business as it costs time, money, and energy to recreate.

It is also essential that your employees can find the information they need and easily share it with other departments. DAM software will help you achieve this.

Most DAMs cover the following features:

  • Uploading
  • Stores
  • Add Metadata
  • Organization
  • Download
  • Search Options for Advanced Search
  • Share Content
  • The Security of Your Own Home
  • Access Control
  • Version Control
  • Reports and Analytics

These features make it easier to find content, saving both you and your staff valuable time which could be spent on creating the content. Comparing digital asset management software is a great way to ensure you choose the right option for your business.

Top Digital Asset Management Software

Digital agencies were in mind when we narrowed the list down.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re a small agency looking to bank assets or a large organization that still needs to implement a digital asset management system.


Pimcore, a free software for digital asset management, was created by a digital agency in 2013. Over 100,000 businesses trust Pimcore and use it for digital asset management. This is an excellent digital asset management tool for small businesses, but it can scale with you.

You can also consolidate any number or type of digital assets. Pimcore will improve your productivity and automate all workflows.

Pimcore has three pricing plans. Compare the different pricing plans to see which features and plans best suit your budget. Pimcore also offers a free trial.


MediaValet is a top contender in the DAM market. Cloud-based digital assets management allows departments to share files easily. The service allows unlimited users, so you do not have to worry about someone signing out to use it.

The search process is made more accessible with a centralized interface and AI-powered tags. You can search assets by text, audio, and color recognition. You can find assets faster—no problem with large files up to 5TBs.

MediaValet is more expensive than other options but can customize a package for your business.

MediaValet’s pricing is reshaped based on the platform configuration and storage requirements. Plans start at $6,000 per year.


It is easy to use, which makes Brandfolder appealing to many businesses. AI and machine learning help track the content being used.

Brandfolder offers DAM software that is tailored to each client’s needs. They understand how to serve digital agencies and their needs.

Brandfolder has two pricing plans. There are two pricing plans: Premium and Enterprise. Contact them to learn more about the Enterprise plan.


Canto provides all the digital asset management capabilities many businesses need while maintaining an intuitive experience.

This central content library allows you to configure assets for your brand easily. You only need to add support to albums and folders. This platform will then automatically organize content based on asset type.

The system also protects your brand’s identity through version control, electronic surveillance of the highest quality, and user permissions. Canto’s pricing is simple, so there are no surprises when you start using Canto.


It is essential to have a central system that allows anyone to find the digital assets they are looking for quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Frontify allows you to upload, organize, find, and share any asset neatly sorted into libraries.

With approval processes in place and governance, you can also give your teams continuous access to assets specific to their use cases and demonstrate how to use them, turning questions into efficiency. Frontify offers many features, but asset rights management and collaborative workflow are the most important.

Plans are available for all business sizes, from small start-ups to larger enterprises. The starter plan costs $79 per month, and the Team plan costs $279. There is also a free option.


Cloudinary simplifies digital asset and media management for better customer engagement. DAM is a tool that specializes in services for small teams and businesses.

Highlights include content uploading, content storage, and editing in real time.

Cloudinary has an advanced dashboard with online reports, intelligent automation, and a content delivery network. It also offers automatic backups and revision tracking to secure your digital media.

It offers four different pricing plans: Free, Plus Advanced, and Enterprise. Prices range from $89 to $224 per month.


Widen is a great tool for all businesses. Widen has an automated search function that makes it easy to find what you need.

Asset rights management makes it simple to track when contracts are due for an update. Batch uploading means you don’t need to wait for each asset to load.

Widen may be more expensive than other DAMs, but it has many features that can make it worthwhile for your business.

Widen’s pricing model was designed to accommodate expansion. Choose one of three options: Workgroup DAM (or Workgroup DAM & PIM) or Enterprise DAM.


Bynder allows you to customize your workspace. You can download your files in any format, and it supports all digital media.

Bynder allows you to track expiration dates and usage rights, so you can never again use an image or a video that has an expired contract.


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