16 Patio Wall Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Pop

These patio wall ideas will instantly transform your yard and add style and function. There are options for every style, whether it’s creating your own planter walls to grow fresh herbs, or hanging a picture of your favorite quote.

Continue reading to discover 16 patio wall designs that will refresh your outdoor space.

1. Plants and Phrases

Add some fun by adding wooden shelves on which you can spell out phrases using letters.

If you are a frequent entertainer, this feature will come in handy. You can spell out your favorite song lyrics or classic holiday phrases as you host events throughout the year.

2. Basket Display

Baskets don’t have to be kept indoors. Display your favorite accent pieces that are weather resistant on the patio wall. These pieces will spark a conversation and your guests will be eager to learn where you got them.

3. Potted Plant Wall

A potted plant is a great addition to a patio wall. For a classic, terracotta-colored pots are best. You can also get creative by painting them or covering them with fabric. This 3D display has a lot of beauty and life. Create a comfortable area with a patio set for lunchtime breaks.

4. Repurposed Window

Repurpose old windows and hang them on patio walls to create a shabby-chic look. It’s also a good way to use items you already own and transform them into accents for your home. You don’t have to purchase new things.

5. Trellis and Lights

String lights and a DIY trellis add a touch of glam to this patio. These lights will cast a moody light as you relax in the backyard after work.

6. Artful Trellis

This is another example of an attractive plant trellis. It will liven up your patio and allow you to show off a variety of green plants. It will feel like you are relaxing in a private jungle.

7. Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a great way to add to your patio wall if you want to grow herbs or vegetables. Cooks who love to experiment with their own ingredients will find it easy to incorporate them into their recipes.

8. Word Art Dried Moss

Check out this example to see how you can create fun word art using dried moss. A hanging shelf is a great way to store outdoor items. Outfit your patio wall with functional and decorative elements to make the most out of it.

9. Painted Planters

Why not DIY your planters? Paint these planters in bold colors if you love color. You can use stencils to create your own designs, or spell out phrases, words or initials as a personal touch.

10. DIY Wreaths

Wreaths don’t only belong on the front door or during the holidays. Make a beautiful, eye-catching display with handmade wreaths on a blank wall in your patio.

11. Faux Succulents

You can enjoy a patio plant wall even if you’re not a natural gardener. This faux succulent wall looks like the real deal from a distance, and doesn’t need any maintenance.

12. DIY Sign

You can even DIY a special sign to spell out your favorite phrase, song, or poem. Be sure to use materials that are resistant to rain and sun.

13. Two-Toned look

You may prefer a minimalist, simple look. But you can still have fun painting the walls of your patio in two different colours. The classic combination of black and white is timeless.

14. Wooden Sign

Try a wooden sign that is handmade, and you can customize it with your family’s name, address or other phrases.

15. Wooden Cutout

Cutouts made of wood can also be used to decorate a patio wall. This boho design gives the yard a boho touch.

16. Bamboo Paneling

Consider installing bamboo panels for texture and privacy. You won’t see your neighbors as easily, even if they have a patio right next to yours.



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