15 Basement Bar Ideas for the Perfect Home Bar

The Ultimate Basement Bar

Many homeowners dream of building a home bar, but other projects like repairs and maintenance take priority. Every home bar begins with a plan, whether you want to build a bar in your basement, have a bar near the kitchen or create a fun area outside. Check out this amazing collection of home bar ideas and choose the perfect location.

1. Work the Angles

Think about a layout for your bar that is more interesting than a straight line or an L shape. This style is one of our favorites, with 45-degree angles on two corners to give you a little more space for standing or sitting. This style is also possible if you have the space for an L-shaped counter. You can create and stock the ultimate basement bar.

2. Include A Two-tier Bar For Eating And Drinking

Double-level bars or two-tier bars have two surfaces, one at table height and the other at standing bar height. The area can be used to eat, drink, or have a casual conversation at the same. This is a great way to use space if you want to serve a snack bar along with drinks or you are worried that a traditional pub won’t have enough space.

3. Bar Stools That Match Bar Tops

Bar tops typically stand 41-43 inches above the ground. The bar stools should be 29-32 inches high from the floor to the seat. This will accommodate most people. Bar stools should be between 30 and 36 inches high if the bar is close to 46 inches. Bar stools with a small back are ideal for supporting your legs. There are many different styles of bar stools available. You can also build a DIY barstool. Skip the stools if you have limited space and use rounded edges on the bar top.

4. Combining Classic Pendant Lighting with Recessed Lights

Lighting bars with pendant lighting is a classic method. The lighting of a home bar is enhanced by a cluster consisting of three to four pendant lightscentered over the bar and placed high enough that no one will bump their heads. To create a pub atmosphere, choose lower-wattage bulbs with soft lighting.

Consider recessed lighting. Just like in the kitchen, it is important to have good lighting for the bar area. Bar areas can also benefit from under-cabinet illumination. You can now install LED lighting anywhere you want and change the color of the light to suit your mood.

5. Select A Durable Surface

Do not skimp on your bar’s surface! The bar surface is the most visible part of your establishment. Classics work best: Marble and granite slabs will look great and last forever.

A dark, beautifully-grained wood has a more traditional look. Modern and experimental bars also use stainless steel, butcher block, and glass as bar surfaces. Avoid surfaces that can be easily scratched, or those that peel or crack with time.

6. Stock Up On Bar Supplies

Ensure that your bar is equipped with all the standard equipment and ingredients. It’s important to have a classic bar book that contains all the cocktail recipes your guests might want. Keeping the ingredients on hand is also important.

Storage space is needed for bitters, simple sugar, triple sec and soda water. Also, you’ll need a selection of gadgets and glassware, as well as a few knives. You’ll also need to store beer, wine and sodas, as well as a selection of spirits.

7. Include an Ice Maker

Consider a countertop bar ice maker, whether or not you have a sink. These ice machines are easy to useaffordable and will save you the trouble of running from your kitchen with an ice bucket. Your guests will enjoy the ease of serving drinks on ice.

8. Create Space for the Mini Fridge

Any bar would benefit from a small, versatile refrigerator. It can chill beer or wine, but it can also be used to keep citrus, limes and other fruits cool, preserve an appetizer, frost glassware and much more. Avoid wine coolers with only wine racks and opt for a model that offers flexible storage. All small home bar ideas need a mini-fridge.

9. Use Your Walls

Look at the walls around your bar and consider how they can be incorporated into it. Use walls to create a theme. It’s not only about color and design. Install shelves to store bottles or a stemware rack to display your best glasses. You can also build a niche in the wall to store and display bottles.

10. Recreate Your Favorite Bar

The best flattery is imitation. We can’t choose just one bar style or material because there are so many. Take a look at the different styles of bars from all over the world.

This will help you choose materials, lighting, stools, and glassware in this style before making any major purchases. You can renovate the floors, walls, and ceilings so that they match your dream bar. Include at least one or two features that will make your bar stand out. Check out this DIY bar project for more tips.

11. Mirrors Add Depth And Style

Mirrors are often found on the walls of public bars. Mirrors are a great way to expand your space visually and reflect light. This is something that a home bar can benefit from. A good mirror can be a great design element.

12. Installing a Chalkboard

Install a chalkboard on the wall or use chalkboard paint. Encourage guests to make their mark by keeping chalk on hand. Use the chalkboard if you want to announce a special drink or a celebration.

13. Move The Party Outside

Consider an outdoor bar if your weather is good most of the time. Outdoor home bars tend to be built near the house, so that indoor amenities are easier to access. Include the bar in your patio or deck and ensure it receives plenty of shade. You need to check out this outdoor bar. We’re obsessed!

14. Repurpose

Repurposing is a great way to create a unique bar for your home. Homeowners have transformed everything from TVs and pianos to barrels and cables reels. Even smaller items like corks from wine bottles, bottle caps, or an old collection of beer cans can become a unique conversation piece.

15. Build a Bar On Wheels

A wheeled cart can be used to create a mobile cocktail bar! Bar carts are available in many styles, including wood, metal, and glass. They allow you to move the bar easily, according to your party set-up. The space you save will allow for fewer appliances and extras. You can use a mobile bar as a “satellite“, if you are planning a big party.

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