The church of bang bang boogaloo

Jerome Borzario, the co-founder of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival as well as the owner of 1,000 Pound Bend & Ponyfish Island, admits that he is “no relationship specialist.” Borzario has hosted many weddings at his venues over the years, but he is not a matchmaker. Borzario’s eye for romance is evident in his newest venture, the Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo.

Melburnians are natural at reclaiming neglected spaces. The Church, which was once a horse hoof specialist and then a storage area, has been boarded up and abandoned for many years. Borzario only had to remove the boards, and it became clear that he was holding a gem.

The renovation looks amazing. The renovation is beautiful. It may look like a Vegas-style chapel, but it has a rustic charm.

We know Borzario is a romantic, but why? He explains that tradition is important but also has to be current. “I support changes and advancements in relationships. The world has changed. This is a sign that I am in support of this. Australia has room to be more compassionate to those who wish to commit to one another. Why would we allow a process to get in the middle of that?”

It’s also nice to have a cheaper alternative to expensive wedding venues. I’ve seen amazing weddings that were done on a budget and vice-versa. “Really?” I thought when I saw some of the most expensive marriages in the entire world. This is terrible. This isn’t very pleasant.

The exact location is secret. For more information and to make a booking, contact the Church via their website.

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