Software Development Agencies: Best Project Management Tools

Software development agencies require software project management tools to increase productivity and balance management and organizational unit. This blog post will examine the best software development project management tools.

A well-functioning project management system is essential to the success of any project. As a project grows, it becomes necessary to meet specific project requirements. To ensure a healthy life cycle of a project, if you want to develop agencies, ensuring scalability is critical.

  • Project start & finish date,
  • Each project has a different scope.
  • Project Resources
  • Deliverables,
  • Budget estimate

Software development agencies that understand their client’s needs will have a better chance of creating successful projects. Software development teams can now see the current projects of their team members, thanks to development project management software. Project managers can assign members to projects based on their level of expertise.

What is the role of a project manager in software development?

Software development is an ongoing process. Project managers play an essential role in the project management process. The traditional project manager is responsible for defining the project requirements. They also create a team of software engineers and provide clear communication. They assign tasks, monitor each activity, set goals, and determine the scope of the projects.

If software development agencies are to deliver projects on time, they must plan every detail. After defining deadlines and assignments, project managers must arrange them using a Kanban Board or Gantt Chart. It is easier to understand the project’s overall plan and each team member’s responsibilities and deadlines. Gantt charts are also crucial for agile project management, as they help visualize the software project.

What is Software Development in Project Management?

The software project management is centered on planning, budgeting, scheduling, and allocating resources. It also focuses closely on monitoring the progress of projects and delivering them to clients. It includes the practices of a software project management tool that streamlines managing software-based initiatives.

Project management is affected by the fact that each software development process has different requirements. Finding a solution for your agency that meets your needs is better than looking for the best software development project management.

We have compiled the top project management software for agencies that develop software to help you understand their main features and pricing.

Top Project Management Tools For Software Development Agencies

Let’s explore the world of the best software project management tools for agencies!


ClickUp’s project management tools allow software agencies to provide their clients with a clear understanding of the purpose of each project. Paying attention to every detail in the software development process is essential. Any time can bring about unexpected changes or mistakes. Intelligent project management tools can help you avoid problems by preventing them.

ClickUp allows you to create unlimited workspaces, lists, folders, and tasks. You can customize them to make them invisible to anyone outside your agency. Software developers prefer sprints ClickApp to manage client projects. They can then set sprint dates, view spillover tasks, and mark their status.


Productive is ranked at the top of our list of the best software development project management tools. The platform offers complete agency management solutions to any size software development team. The platform aims to centralize data in one place for any eventuality. Alongside essential project management features, Productive provides powerful budget management functionality. It is possible to keep track of any budget, whether it’s fixed-priced or hourly.

The management dashboard allows agencies to show the client’s projects in a list, calendar view, board view, or table. They can manage communication within the team and track which members are busy. It allows teams to work together on projects and tasks.

The extensive reporting capabilities of Productive allow agencies to predict the next steps they will take with clients. The platform’s ability to create real-time reports allows agencies to make data-driven business decisions without losing sight of the details.

Pricing starts at $12.50 per month/per user.


The forecast is another excellent project management tool for software development. It helps agencies keep their eyes on the big picture. This platform is AI-native and allows teams to scale software development operations. It is powered by AI, automatically estimating a deadline once a project has been outlined. You can use the automated system for different clients.

Forecast provides a dashboard that allows you to view the projects each project team member is working on. It is essential to have a good overview of your current projects. This will help you decide when it’s time to take on more. You can intervene immediately if you see a problem in one of the project stages.

Tracking software development progress helps prevent errors and minimize financial risk. The tracking system always lets you know how much money you spend on a project. You must make winning decisions to maintain a successful life cycle of your project. Forecast’s reporting tool provides insights in real-time for existing and future projects.

Forecast pricing begins at $29 per month/seat.


Hubstaff, although it is well-known as a tool for tracking time, also offers software development agencies a wide range of project management tools. The main goal of the management tool is to track time spent on software projects. The time tracking accuracy will significantly impact project efficiency and team productivity. Hubstaff, like other software project management tools, helps clients receive invoices after completing the project.

The dashboard provides a quick view of all projects and tasks. The dashboard shows a graph of the progress of each task. Reporting allows you to keep track of the progress of your software development projects.

Hubstaff is unique in that it offers a time-tracking function. Billing clients is made more accessible by keeping track of billable hours. Hubstaff not only prevents overload but also keeps track of the billable hours.

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