Home decor updates that will revamp your home

2020 has taught us to appreciate our homes more than ever. Our homes are so much more than a place to rest. They affect our mental health, relationships, and productivity. Spending so much time at home can make you want to change things. You should give your home (which you probably spent too much time in!) a fresh feel.


Lighting is an essential part of interior design, but it’s often overlooked. It can set the mood in a home and create ambiance.

Floor and table lamps are always a good choice as they can reduce the harsh shadows that fall downward and provide better lighting control. You can also choose lamps and light fixtures that complement your interior design. We love the organic and earthy look of the Lighting range from Papaya.


Cushions are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to update your home. Add new life to an old sofa, soften up a seating area, or refresh your bedroom by adding several cushions.

We often use cushions to establish a color scheme, but in recent years we have gravitated toward earthier colors and textures to add interest. Raw linen cushions are a great neutral option. They will last for many years.


We love baskets as home decor items. Baskets are beautiful; they can be used in various ways to make your home more organized and clutter-free.

Baskets can be used in many places, including:

  • In the living room, you can store magazines or plants.
  • In the pantry, you can store smaller food packets.
  • In the laundry, as stylish laundry hampers and to hold cleaning product packets.
  • In the bedroom, store extra throw blankets and pillows.
  • In the entrance or mudroom, place a shoe rack.

We love handwoven baskets, and the range of baskets is unsurpassed.


You knew this was going to be on the list as flower lovers! Flowers can make any room feel more cheerful and don’t cost a fortune. A statement vase can make ordinary greenery like Magnolia branches look stunning.

The vases currently in style for interiors are slightly irregular and handmade. Also, white ceramics have become more popular than ever.


Recently, we shared our tips for selecting the right rug. If you still need to purchase rugs to decorate your home, allow us to remind you of the benefits.

Rugs soften hard surfaces and add texture to the space. They can also make a room feel cozier.

Wall Art

We tend to focus too much on the floor when we decorate and need to remember about our walls. Wall art can bring life to dull walls. Art can be used to create a style for a space. We may use a color palette or an artistic style as inspiration to decorate the room.

Art doesn’t need to be in a frame. You can also use wall hangings, carved panel art, or masks.

Decorated objects

We’re not just talking about trays and bowls. These decorative items tell a tale in a space and are perfect for styled arrangements such as a vignette on a sideboard or a bookshelf.


You can use mirrors inside or outside! Reflecting light can make a room appear larger and brighter. Mirrors can make small spaces seem larger or improve Feng Shui.

Photo Frames

Photo frames can be used to personalize your house and tell stories about the people that live there. Stay moderate and buy frames you can’t get at the local store. We love structures that make it appear like the picture is floating within the frame, like the one above.

Candle Holders

Candle holders are the perfect addition to your home for cooler months. Candles, like lamps, create a cozy atmosphere in your home. And stylish candle holders can be used as decor even when not lit.

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