White Moose Home Decor Breaking the Mold of Ordinary

It takes work to create your own homewares collection. It’s a constant struggle to create new designs, to get them ‘discovered,’ to connect with customers while avoiding cheap imitations, wearing all the hats of an entrepreneur, and keeping enough energy to push forward.

One designer who has made a name is Colin Hutson of White Moose Home Decor.

Colin’s quirky designs have been featured on The Block. Today, we talked to him about his label.

These designs include statues such as kangaroos and corn cobs, whale bookends, and banana bowls. Be aware of the whimsical nature of this collection. He is a highly qualified artist who desires to create his label.

I studied visual arts and design and wanted to challenge the traditional home décor. I started by selling my creations at Melbourne’s artist’s markets while dragging my old suitcase.

Today, the process of designing and selling products is very different.

Each collection begins with mood boards and sketches based on a central theme or idea. “We handcraft clay from the sketch to create a three-dimensional form that our manufacturers then use to create fully-formed samples,” explains he.

The White Moose Collection is not just my memories or experiences. You’ll find designs inspired by White Moose members, artists, and collaborations.

“We collaborated recently with a young designer, Danielle Leedie Gray. She is an Australian self-taught graphic artist who descends from the Bidjara, Wakka Wakka, and other indigenous people of southwest and eastern Queensland. Her indigenous artworks, which are minimalist but complex, celebrate her connection with her heritage.

Colin’s career took a turn in 2017 after his work was featured on The Block.

“That was a highlight for me.” It was surreal to see our collection in the room challenges and reveals.

“I am a huge fan of The Block and have always wanted to see a product on the show — let alone 15 different designs!” It was an exciting roller coaster. Many designs sold out in a matter of days or even hours.

Over the years, our relationship with The Block Shop has grown stronger. They are passionate about interiors and have played a key role in our growth.

Colin believes that limited quantities are essential to maintain an exclusive and unique range.

It ensures the individuality of interior decor. Now, a lot of mass-produced décors aren’t even thought through.

The best quirks generate micro-moments of surprise or conversation among your guests. You can fill your home and style with unique decor and our animal collection.

They also give back to the community with each purchase.

“Creating positive changes is important to us. Especially given our relationship with animals and the environment. We have partnered with The Trees of The Future Program to provide sustainable farming and agricultural practices for Sub-Saharan Africa. We plant a Tree for The Future for every White Moose purchase. Your orders have a positive impact.”

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