Best CRM software for Real Estate Industry

Real estate agents and realtors require a CRM solution to track leads, manage transactions, build strong client relationships, automate marketing, and more. Real estate CRM is essential for the real estate business! This article has compared the top CRM software for the real estate industry from many angles!

Real estate leads are different from other sales leads. In the real estate business, a strong network is vital. It’s essential to remember that listings or referrals generate the majority of leads. Realtors and agencies need real estate CRM software to manage these leads with their different needs efficiently. Real estate CRM software should be able to shine.

What is a real estate CRM system?

Real estate CRM allows real estate agents or realtors to collect all the sales-related data in one place. These details include contact information, listings, transaction deadlines, or contract details.

In a broader sense, a CRM platform is software that manages the relationships between agents and realtors, brokers and buyers, and sellers. Real estate CRM software organizes data on business leads, existing customers, or prospects and manages marketing activities via email, telephone, online advertising, and social media.

Contact management systems help real estate agents to manage their sales processes more efficiently and effectively. They can also provide a more personalized experience to clients.

What CRM is the best for real estate?

Each real estate agency has different strategies and requirements. The market is flooded with CRM solutions. However, it’s essential to choose the right one for your needs.

The best CRM for real estate should meet your requirements as follows:

  • Lead generation is a great way to develop sales pipelines.
  • Real-time reporting of each campaign and capturing leads from marketing campaigns.
  • Maintaining client relationships and managing them effectively is critical to retaining clients.
  • Quicker response to client inquiries
  • Transforming the sales process into a streamlined workflow,
  • Integrating with other systems.

It is best to check out the top real estate CRM software once you have determined your core requirements, whether as a realty agency or realtor.

What is the best CRM used by real estate agents?

The process of choosing the best CRM for real estate agents can be a difficult one. The market is filled with many solutions, both free and paid.

The top Real Estate CRM Solutions have been narrowed down:

Could you take a look at them all?


Pipedrive provides CRM for commercial real estate agents. The platform gives you more information to ease the reporting process. For example, information about current customers, financial status, or conversion rates. It may not be easy to manage each contact and monitor each listing while completing other business tasks.

Pipedrive allows real estate agents to segment their sales funnels and nurture them, all while keeping them engaged. With customizable email templates, it’s easier to automate the follow-ups. They are sending a personalized email to your tenants on the first anniversary of their home move-in.

A mobile app is also available for CRM commercial real estate. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android. You will always take advantage of every lead!

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the most popular free CRMs for real estate. HubSpot has several features, including customizable email templates and call tracking. It also offers sales automation, pipeline management, and sales automation. The software is well integrated with email marketing to improve contact outreach. It can then automate follow-ups and schedule emails using the email analytics feature.

HubSpot CRM, part of the HubSpot Sales Hub, also includes the Hubs for Marketing, CMS, and Service.

The CRM for Realtors focuses on creating a personalized experience with their contacts, sales pipeline, fields, templates, and more. HubSpot, like Salesmate, offers a private communication channel if you upgrade to a higher plan. They can, for example, create a live chat section customized to stay in touch with clients via the CRM system. With the Google calendar integration, realtors and real estate agencies can set up reminders and schedule meetings.


Propertybase’s suite of tools includes lead generation and marketing. Real estate CRMs are great for agents, marketing teams, and brokerages. They can turn leads into loyal customers.

Propertybase can also centralize and accelerate your agent’s productivity. Having all your data in one place lets you focus on other essential tasks. Everyone can now concentrate on what is most important: building solid client relationships!

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is a free CRM that streamlines the real estate sales process. Freshworks CRM offers more comprehensive email, text, and call solutions than free CRMs. Realtors can manage all incoming inquiries, nurture leads, and sync contact information in a single panel.

Freddy, Freshworks AI assistant powered by AI, helps realtors prioritize their pipelines and provides insights on the best actions. Freddy’s segments include titles like “Likely to Close,” “Trending,” At-risk,” and Gone Cold. Realtors can then get an overview of the sales pipeline. Freddy’s prediction is not free.

Freshworks’ automation feature is a great way to increase productivity. It can send reminders, emails, and newsletters.


Contactually is a CRM solution that focuses on industry-specific features. This makes Contactually the most comprehensive real estate CRM solution. Contactually, too, offers real estate agents intelligence emails that help them take more intelligent actions to increase their agency’s profitability. Agents can manage their pipelines with its drag-and-drop system.

The lead collection is streamlined, and leads are qualified for follow-up sales. Agents can create automated and personalized email campaigns with their customization capabilities.

Contactually shares campaign reports after each one. It’s well integrated with Zapier Mailchimp and Google Workspaces to maintain the communication workflow.


Apptivo, like all CRM software for agents in real estate, focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Apptivo’s powerful email automation system aims to reach your current and past customers. Real estate CRM software stores all client data in one location to make communicating and managing them more accessible.

The system is a two-way communication between you and the client. The mobile app allows you to schedule calls, send proposals, make payments, and more. Apptivo provides a comprehensive inventory system for real estate agents to manage their data efficiently and conveniently.

Apptivo is a powerful CRM solution for real estate because of its easy data structure, increased customer loyalty, and improved experience. It also integrates well with other platforms.


Agile CRM is not designed specifically for real estate agents but can still meet their needs in many ways. Realtors have unlimited storage, unlimited task management, unlimited appointments, unlimited pipelines, and unlimited tracking of emails in the free plan.

The free plan is limited to 10 users and may be better suited for small real estate companies. The paid plans offer more customizations, such as automated voicemails and detailed reports. They also include an onboarding coach.

The platform will take care of appraisals and management. Realtors can concentrate on building relationships. Agile CRM for Real Estate comes with marketing tools to make emailing and tracking leads easier. This makes it easier to reach out to clients. It also creates a consistent client experience throughout their journey. Like other CRMs, Agile CRM also integrates with social media networks.

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