Cool Lead Generation Hacks For Digital Agencies

You can’t hire a team of salespeople and then sit back as a digital agency owner. As a marketing agency, it is essential to promote itself. You must first prove your worth before you can help clients.

There are many agencies, both large and small. According to rough estimates, there are approximately 120,000 agencies. This includes digital, PR, and design studios. There are about half a billion agencies in the US and worldwide.

You compete with extensive global networks and small teams of 1-5 people as a digital agency. Existing clients are constantly nagging you. It is not guaranteed that they will stay in business.

Digital agency success is based on generating consistent leads. How can you create a winning strategy for lead generation? Here are eight quick tips to help you get ready for the race:

Video Marketing

There’s no denying that the internet is filled with much content. The competition is fiercer when you’re already a big name. Video marketing will help you stand out and show off your skills.

Video content can evoke emotions and inspire action. Video content can help you build a relationship with your audience. You can come across as a reliable brand.

Videos bring a human element to business communications. Create a range of educational videos that will add value to potential customers.

You can even create an online course that is password protected (a video series) and let your prospects view it without providing their contact information.

Do you need help with how to create video content? You can create video content using accessible and affordable tools.

  • Create live-action videos with your smartphone
  • Cloud-based tools allow you to create animated explainer videos

It may seem impossible, but video marketing is not. Create high-quality videos quickly, and you’ll be on the fast track.

Website Tools

You can quickly get more prospects into your sales pipeline using the good old website. Free templates, eBooks, and reports are great giveaways to prospective clients.

The basis of building an opt-in list is a newsletter subscription. You can also engage your audience with interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and infographics.

Check out this interactive evaluation from GoToMeeting.

Free website auditing and grading is a great way to attract potential clients.

You can also embed a third-party auditing tool to start collecting leads immediately. Your website is the hub of your online marketing. It is essential to make the most of it to reach potential customers.

Paid Campaigns

A paid campaign can be a great way to generate leads quickly. Start with platforms like Google, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are best suited to reach out to B2B audiences. You can also try paid ads on Reddit or Quora.

It would help if you didn’t forget to optimize your landing pages when collecting leads.

Here are some tips to make your advertising campaigns more interesting:

  • YouTube is a great place to promote educational and introductory videos.
  • Create landing pages to promote your eBooks through LinkedIn, and Google paid campaigns.

Ad fraud is a growing problem. A paid campaign may only bring you ‘bot traffic.’

According to a report by the market research firm Juniper online advertisers could lose up to $19 billion in ad fraud alone in 2018.

It would help if you dug deeper into campaign metrics to avoid fraud.

Sources of traffic

* Geographical location

Advertisements served

* IP addresses

* Conversion rates

AI tools like Albert or Pathmatics can improve your ads’ performance by targeting specific user preferences.

Paid ads are a great way to get leads that will last a shorter time and can help your branding efforts.


Appreciation for your efforts is an essential motivator for you and your staff. Awards can bring you fame and publicity, leading to long-term business. Popular Digital Marketing Awards include AVA AwardsInternationalist Awards For Innovative Digital Solutions, and Webby Awards.

Other types of agencies have their awards. You can include a section of your website highlighting the awards your agency won.

The awards you receive as an agency are not just a way to show off but also to increase your sales.

Guest Posts and Press Mentions

Guest blogging regularly is vital to the success of any agency. Get published in top business and marketing magazines by writing trending articles.

You should avoid spamming editors with your pitches. Each website has its editorial guidelines and requirements. Before sending a pitch to a publisher, you must read the guidelines.

Here is an example of how I got published on a well-known marketing blog.

Sending tips to journalists using free platforms like SourceBottle or HARO is another way to receive free press mentions. You can discuss successful press mentions on your website or social media pages.

Media coverage and guest blogging are potent ways to make your agency a well-known brand.

Publish Content Everywhere

You should publish your expert content in all communities, especially LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium. You can host AMAs to interact with your audience.

You can keep your customers coming back by adding value.

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