It can be stressful to paint a room, but selecting colours for exterior house painters in wellington is quite daunting. It’s difficult in all aspects, including time, money, and curb presence. You can make it a success with a few carefully considered steps.

Top Tips To Reduce Down Colors

1. Find Out The Style And Neighborhood Of Your Home.

While you don’t have to be bound by tradition, the home’s design can help you choose exterior paint colors. A rich collection of pastels might not work well in a ranch-style house. However, it may look great on a Victorian. Maria Killam is a color expert and decorator who also blogs about design. She says, “I love the symmetrical look that Colonials with shutters have.” “White with black shutters, a green front door, and a white exterior are what I would choose if I could have one.”

Your home may be a source of inspiration, but your neighbors might have some ideas about paint colors. Are you in an area with many dominant themes or a suburb that has fewer historic homes? These are just a few examples to help you get started.

2. Become A House Color Copycat.

While narrowing down your options, take photos of exterior colors you like or homes similar to yours. There’s usually a reason why something isn’t right. Killam states that vinyl windows are one of the most common mistakes she sees every day. “The most common colors are usually bright white or beige. White is best paired with brighter, more refined colors like yellow or straw, as well as grays and blacks.

3. Avoid Getting Caught Up In Trends.

All things are subject to passing trends, including clothing, shoes, sofas, and home colors. Killam states that, just like people don’t want to paint their homes brown, the trend has ended, so don’t do it with charcoal. It might be something you love, but once the gray trend has ended, it will no longer be trendy.

4. For Guidance, Look To Your Home.

You likely have some colors already in your home that you should use in your color scheme. These include brick, stone on the foundation, and window trims. These should be used as a foundation. Killam states that many people don’t realize the importance of existing colors when choosing paint colors. You can’t ignore the existing colors in your house and choose a trendy color that doesn’t relate to it. My client painted stucco gray using her yellow/gold stone. She contacted me to arrange a consultation. Although she wasn’t thrilled with the outcome, the color I suggested worked well with her existing stone. She was also very pleased with the results.

A home’s size can also influence the color scheme. A home with a large house and a dark paint color can look unsettling and foreboding. However, a small house might feel more grounded if it has too many light colors.

The landscape plays an important role. Recessive colors, such as pastels or sea foam greens, may be inspired by more naturalistic landscaping. Formal landscapes, which include rows and rows of boxwood shrubs that line a walkway, can dictate stronger colors and accents.

5. Rely On The Color Wheel Rules.

Three hues are often used in successful home color combinations: a dominant shade, two accents, and one that is richer or more vibrant than the others. If in doubt, refer to the color guidelines. Monochromatic is a combination of hues from the same family, such as different shades of gray. These hues (analogous) work well together. Also opposites, also known as complementary colors, work well together. Killam states that if you have an earthy colour scheme with muted colors such as browns or creams, you should choose the beige vinyl windows. You should coordinate your trim color with the house. It will never look right to have a house made of earthy stones and bright white vinyl windows.

6. No Matter What You Choose: Test!

After narrowing down your choices of exterior colors, obtain color samples to paint large areas. You can view them in different lighting conditions, including in the sun or in shadow. Killam suggests that if you are still unsure, you can either hire a trusted designer or ask a friend to take a look at your home. “We become accustomed to how our house looks, and we don’t see the things an outsider might notice.”

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