Tile & Grout Cleaning Service in Auckland

One of the best things about tile floors for property owners is their ease of cleaning – we agree! While tile is easy enough to clean by itself, grout is another story.
Grout is porous and can collect dirt, grime, or residue from spills. Even if you mop frequently, grout won’t be as clean as professional grout and tile cleaners. We will clean all ceramic and porcelain tiles and grout.

Get your Tile & Grout professionally cleaned
Grout is the major problem. Most homeowners and property owners are able to clean ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces. However, grout can be difficult to clean, particularly if dirt and grease are deep within your grout pores.

Get Your Tile & Grout Professionally Cleansed
These are the steps to help you prepare for your professional cleaning appointment.

Clear the clutter – We can clean your floors best if we have clear and easy access to the whole floor. Please remove all rugs, mats and toys. These items could block our access to your floors.
Take out the Furniture. Please take away any furniture (tables and chairs, etc.). Remove all furniture from the room.
Sweep – Please sweep your floor to remove all dirt and surface dust that has fallen onto it.
Give us space to work – We will need some space to store our equipment in the workplace. Please give us plenty of space in your hallways.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process
We are also professional grout and tile cleaners, so we have the right equipment to clean any surface, even grout. We will use the same high pressure steam cleaning equipment that we use for carpets when we visit your property. This equipment allows us to make sure your tile shines, but also deep cleans grout by removing dirt and debris.

After your grout and tile have been thoroughly cleaned, we can apply a seal to protect it between cleanings. It will also ensure that all subsequent cleanings produce the best results.

Commercial and residential tile & grout cleaning
Not only are homeowners looking for professional grout and Tile Cleaning services in Auckland, but businesses also need our help. It won’t be enough to sweep your tile floors and clean the grout. Professional cleaning is the best way to keep your grout and tile floors looking sparkling.

To make sure that the area is ready for us, we’ll ask you to do some basic tasks. The grout and tile will be cleaned thoroughly and sealed with a special seal. We will ensure you are satisfied with the service we provide before we leave your property. Learn more about our commercial grout and tile services.

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