Rock University: A new distribution system to make educational content more accessible for our community

Rock University’s educational platform, Rock Content, is transforming significantly.

We have helped more than 500,000 people become better sales and digital marketing professionals with our 150 training programs and 25 certifications in three languages.

We believe education is one way to accomplish our mission to “make Marketing Better while making a positive contribution to the world.” Our educational content distribution is getting a “tune-up” starting today.

The changes are designed to increase the accessibility of our initiatives to our community. We will offer more free training to professionals with the new distribution model.

All of you, our audience, students, and customers, eagerly awaited the announcements. It’s time.

Rock University’s New Distribution Model

How will it work practically?

Rock University offers two different types of plans today: Premium and Free. This will remain the same, with some modifications to each project.

Rock Content’s customers will have access to exclusive certifications and will be able to continue using the site’s free version.

Premium Offerings

Rock Content customers will now have more opportunities to learn. They will also have access to education and training materials that are exclusive. It’s called Premium Courses.

There are five different certifications available in the Premium Path:

  • Ion for Designer
  • Ion Basic Publishing
  • Ion Advanced Publishing
  • Ion Administrative Overview
  • Ion Building Assessments and Quizzes

More than 25 training courses:

  • Ion Responsive Design
  • Edit: Animations & Variables
  • Edit: Behaviors, Rules, and Actions
  • Palette: Interactive Elements and Forms
  • Monetization of Live
  • Displaying content in Live
  • A Guide for Guest Bloggers in Live
  • More!

Rock Content’s team can help customers request Premium access if they wish.

What is the difference between certifications and training?

The certifications range from beginner to advanced levels and cover theory and practice. Participants are given a Rock University Certificate at the end of this process.

The certification track is divided into modules and lessons and takes more time to complete.

Rock University’s training, on the other hand, focuses on particular topics. On-demand and live training are available. Participants will learn how to perform specific Marketing actions.

The training does not offer certification, but it will help you stand out from other marketers looking to improve their Content and Digital Marketing knowledge. The training is a series of short lessons that are easy to learn.

Rock University Content Types

You will also find different formats and types of content available for certifications and training.


  • The free certification is available to everyone and covers topics in Marketing. Students receive a certificate.
  • Rock Content Premium Certification: only Rock Content customers can obtain this certification, which covers topics such as SEO and Social Media.
  • Rock Content Only customers can become certified for their products.


  • Live training: Q&A webinars for general marketing topics and Rock Content products. Rock Content customers only.
  • Training path: sequential educational material that is either free or premium and relates to marketing topics or Rock content products.

Join us and Rock the Marketing World in 2022

Rock University has a new distribution system that offers a variety of educational opportunities.

Rock University aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in three areas: Education Quality, Growth, Employment Opportunities, and Reduction of Inequalities. Digital Marketing and Social Media are constantly changing.

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