Keep up with the latest home decor trends for 2023

Home decor trends will dramatically shift in 2023; we are ready for it! In contrast to previous years’ earthy, muted decor, 2023 will be all about bold colors and futuristic design. Here’s the inside scoop on the hottest themes for 2023 and how to incorporate them into your home. Please see our top tips for incorporating these new design trends into your home.

Color splashes are a great way to make a statement.

The bold return of color will be one of the biggest trends in home decor for 2023! The current trend is to use neutral and natural colors. However, in 2023 bolder and more daring colors will be a significant design theme. The latest color forecasts have given us a glimpse of what’s coming. Soon, our social media feeds will be a lot more colorful. The newest color palettes are vibrant green, blue, and even yellow shades. This is a return to playful design and the willingness to break the rules to add more fun and joy to your home.

This trend can be embraced boldly by painting the entire room in one color, or you can take a more subtle approach and select 3-5 pieces of home décor to scatter throughout a space. In your living room, you can use vibrant artwork and pick one of those colors for the vase and statement pillow on your coffee table.

Modern materials for home décor and furniture

Modern, stylish, and durable materials, such as recycled plastic and fluted metal, replace earthy decor and natural furnishings. Think recycled plastics, solid surface stone, and fluted metal. Modern furniture and decor are the next big trend!

How can you bring this trend into your own home? You can create a statement with luxury furniture, such as a stone or glass sculptural coffee table, or you can experiment with this trend by adding expensive items to your home.

Individuality and sustainability: Embracing your identity.

In 2023, homeowners will continue to make environmentally friendly choices or reuse what they own. As people find new ways to give existing objects a second life, viral movements like the Trash to Terracotta movement will gain momentum. This decor trend promotes sustainability and more individuality and self-expression… two things we haven’t seen in home décor for years!

The main takeaway from this trend is to experiment, have some fun, and find ways to revive what you already have rather than buy everything new. This will create a unique atmosphere in your house, you’ll save money, and the planet will also thank you! You can achieve this in many ways, including painting vases, reupholstering chairs, and creating your furniture hack. To avoid injuries, ensure you have the best workwear when doing bigger DIYs.

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