Information Asymmetry in Real Estate Market

Successful investors know that the asset class is not what makes them rich. It is the information about an asset class that makes one wealthy. Investors with constant access to information unavailable on the market can trade it to make a profit.

Information systems in the real estate market are among the most opaque. Official sources are one of many ways to get relevant information. It is spread via the grapevine. It is essential to have an excellent network to benefit from such information. We have listed in this article the different levels of information buyers can expect.

Level 0 information: Available to the public

Information systems in the real estate market are less perfect than those of the stock exchange or bond market. The fact that commodities are traded in various forms is part of the reason. Stock and bond markets trade homogeneous commodities that are standardized. This allows them to report accurate information and enable decision-making.

Real estate, on the other hand, is very diverse. The buyer has to consider various factors, such as the location, proximity to amenities, neighborhood profile, etc. The publicly available information, therefore, may need to be completed. If you inquire about property prices in a new neighborhood, the odds are high that online and newspaper ads will give a higher quote. You can get a better deal as you become more familiar and dig deeper into the marketplace.

In summary, the price discovery mechanism in real estate markets must work better. The publicly available information needs to be more helpful in making decisions.

Level 1 Information: Practical Information

A buyer can get more information by visiting the micro market where they want to buy a property. You can find a price range or base rate in magazines and newspapers. You can get this information by speaking to people who were involved in similar deals in the past. These people can give you the best indication of the current state of the market and the mood of both buyers and sellers. This is more valuable information than information gathered through unpersonal means such as internet surfing. It is, therefore, necessary to spend more time collecting the data.

Level 2 Information is Available with Mediators

Mediators on the market can provide the next level of data. Even if the buyer visits the micro-market on a regular schedule, they can only get a certain amount of information before closing the deal. They will need help to see the close of many sales in their neighborhood.

Media deals are often very different from those that happen after negotiation. Both types of information are available to the mediators. The mediators are familiar with the specifics of the ads that appear in the newspapers and real deals.

Bureaucrats can provide Level 3 information.

We need to talk about information already available on the market. Instead, we are talking about future information which may affect the property’s value. Information such as future infrastructure or development plans around the area may be included. If, for example, a new airport was being built 5 miles from your home, you would be more appreciated!

The general public needs access to this type of information. Lawmakers and bureaucrats have access to the data before it becomes public. They are, after all, the ones who make these laws. Therefore, those who are in a position of unfair advantage will likely use the information they have to their benefit. It usually happens when bureaucrats or lawmakers share this information with their friends. They then purchase land at prevailing prices. Once the information is made public, the cronies sell the land.

Insider information is another name for this type of information. If it was proven that someone invested on the basis or had access to this information, they could face prison time!

There are different levels of information on the market. Information is a significant factor in determining the amount an investor invests and the risk they take. The more information available, the greater the chance that it can be taken.


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