Digital Marketing Statistics for 2022: Get a Head Start in 2022

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing in the digital world.

It’s more than just a good thing to stay on top of industry trends and changes. This is essential to your marketing success.

Knowing you are serious about staying ahead is another thing. It would help if you were sure that you are genuinely keeping up with the competition.

Digital marketing statistics can help. You can use them to see where you are at and what you need to do next.

Here are some essential digital marketing stats that all marketers need to know in 2019.

Blog posts of at least 2,000 characters are better for SEO

Every marketer today knows that high quality is essential to achieve a good Google ranking.

Longer articles are more in-depth.

This is not a rule that you must follow. You should never add fluff to make your content longer.

Research suggests pieces of 2,000 words and longer are more likely to be in the top ten on Google SERPs. The longer articles will also attract more quality links and shares.

For 48% of businesses, blogging is integral to their content marketing.

It’s important to note that while it is true that a multi-media approach is the best way to go about content, blogging is still relevant.

48% of companies today include it in their content marketing campaigns. They plan to continue doing so for a long time.

Blogs are a powerful way to build your company’s brand and establish yourself as an industry expert.

A blog with lots of exciting and informative content is also a great way to spread the word on social media.

60% of those who make a purchase read the blog first

Want more proof that blogging still is worth your time and effort?

A well-rounded blogging strategy can help boost your bottom line and win consumers’ trust. It will also convert them into paying customers.

Many people who end up reading a post on a blog do so because they are looking for solutions to a problem.

60% of people who read blog posts about a product purchase it.

Video content in your emails can increase CTR by up to 300%

Video is a favorite of the digital age consumer and for good reason. It’s easy to consume, dynamic, and engaging.

You can increase your click-through rate by strategically placing videos in the right places.

You can triple your CTR by adding a video to an email.

Ensure that your video is brief and relevant to your message to get the best results.

Sixty-seven percent of clicks are attracted by the first five organic search results in a Google SERP.

It’s essential to avoid becoming too reliant on paid Google ads. They may help you reach the top of search engine results pages.

You will likely prefer organic search results over paid ones when you Google something. Your potential customers are no different.

The first five organic search results receive the most clicks – around 67% on average.

After that point, the click-through rate drops dramatically to just 3 percent. Less than 1 percent click on the second page.

This year, you should focus on achieving high SERP organic rankings.

Businesses with over 30 landing pages generate seven times as many leads as those with fewer than 10.

More is better when it comes to Landing Pages.

According to research, businesses with 30 landing pages or more are seven times more likely to generate leads than those with less than 10.

More landing pages, better-targeted landing pages, and more keywords will increase your chances of ranking for relevant searches.

Build each landing page around a topic, product, or solution for the best results. Be sure that the page has been thoroughly optimized for search engines.

Ensure it loads quickly and you can view it on all mobile devices.

Video can increase landing page conversions by up to 86%

Using proven SEO tactics and content marketing to drive leads to your landing page is only one part of the equation.

You can only convert people if you keep their attention.

According to research, adding video on a landing page increases conversion rates by 86 percent.

Videos are a great way to convey important information about your product in an engaging, fun manner.

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