Carpet runner stairs

The soft, spongy comfort of carpets underfoot is an excellent option for stairs. We have a variety of options for every budget and style. For a design that is both practical and hardwearing, Carpetright has the ideal stair carpet.

What carpet is best for stairs?

It is essential that the carpet covering staircases can withstand high traffic levels. Synthetic nylon carpet is the best choice for safety and strength. Wool, however, can be more expensive, and its fibers are resistant to dirt and stains. Berber carpets, made of loops rather than strands, are an excellent choice for stairs.

Are you looking for a complete stair carpet or a stair runner carpet?

A modern stair runner can transform any staircase. [utm_campaign

A stair runner is a carpet placed in the middle of your staircase. It leaves some wood visible on each side, but the whole staircase can be covered with fully carpeted options.

Jess Contomichalos is an Interior Stylist at Cormar Carpets. “A stairway is often what your guests see when they enter your home. It can set the tone for your interior design.” A runner can add a wow factor to your stairs, while full carpeted stairs will project an air of luxury.

What makes carpeting stairs a good idea, and why?

Carpet is an excellent stair choice, especially in homes with young kids or elderly relatives. Hardwood flooring can be dangerous if little ones aren’t careful or spills happen. Although carpet may not prevent falls but provides excellent stability when climbing stairs, it is less likely to cause them.

What is the cost of carpeting a staircase?

Checkatrade states that the average cost to carpet a straight staircase is PS75 to HTML100. The average price for a carpet fitter is PS120 to PS150 per hour. It may be more expensive if your staircase requires many changes in direction.

The cost of your chosen style will also affect the price. Luxury carpets made from wool will be more expensive than those made from synthetic materials. The cost of additional bars and staircase rods can also be affected.

Do stair carpets need underlay?

House Beautiful UK tells Fibre that runners and stair carpets should have an underlay.

If your budget allows, choose the highest quality underlay to prevent the carpet from getting too worn. The retailer or manufacturer will advise you on the best underlay for your rug and discuss the various options.

Julian says: “A contract-rated underlay (8mm carpet underlay) is the best option to ensure maximum durability. An underlay good for comfort and sound insulation is an excellent option for busy families.

There are many options for stair carpets, plain or patterned, to suit your landing and stairs. These are just a few of the many options.


A natural wooden staircase looks great with stripes. This elegant Portobello carpet is part of our House Beautiful collection at Carpetright and ticks all the right style boxes.


Consider painting the hallway fence to match your carpet. You can make your hallway banister a focal point by painting it in a strikingly dark, navy, or light grey color. This works exceptionally well if the walls are bright and light.


Stair carpets that are bold and bright will be a design statement. Fibre Flooring says stair carpets in bright colors such as yellow, magenta, and crimson give you a vibrant palette and can be used for flooring and statement rugs.

“You can use bold colors, patterns, and texture to set off a room’s scheme.


Loop pile carpets are tightly woven, densely packed fibers and offer affordability and durability. They are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.


Durable and stain-resistant carpets are the best choice for stair carpets for busy homes.

[utm_campaign “Wool and woven carpets look great and are very comfortable. However, the natural fibers give it extra durability and bounce back.


This hand-woven carpet runner from Jennifer Manners is a great way to incorporate patterns into your home. This patterned hall rug looks great with a white or neutral staircase.

Could you keep it simple?

Stair carpets are a practical way to provide comfort underfoot. Carpetright’s Country Living collection will give your home a luxurious look.

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