Best Project Management Software For Consulting Firms

Project management can be a demanding and complex job. You can get slowed down by creating spreadsheets, scheduling your team’s progress, communicating with your clients, etc. Using project management software in consulting firms is the best choice at this stage for a quality and efficient outcome.

What is project software for consulting companies?

Your project management software will help you get the desired project results. Project management software enables you to achieve your goals with ease. It supports you in planning, development, and resource allocation.

Project management software

  • Control budgeting, documentation, and quality management
  • Benefits of tracking projects, campaigns, and resources
  • enables communication

It is essential to select the best program or app for your project. The best project management software to help you achieve your goals depends on the working style, the project, the team, and the budget.

What is the best software for project management in consulting firms?

We have listed the top project management software options to help you.

  • Forecast
  • Monitask
  • Teamwork

The intuitive project management software provides a high-level overview of the projects for your clients. Create and customize boards to offer your clients precise information. Most consultant management projects are visual, so a project management tool can help you show clients the big picture.’s ability to quickly generate reports is one of the most significant benefits it offers consultants. You can also use insights from completed or existing projects to help your clients with future consulting projects. Shareable dashboards allow your clients to feel like they are a part of the project.


The Forecast was founded as an AI-native platform in 2016. It offers services in Financial, Resource, and Project Management. It’s designed to assist all types of clients and projects. Anyone who requires management software will benefit from Forecast.

Forecast, which claims to be high-tech, differs from other project management software in that it combines task and resource management with financial information in a single place. Forecast understands that time and budget are essential factors in project management. It has developed an approach to reduce time loss and avoid budget losses.

It also automates busy work and determines and applies the best conditions to achieve the goal. You can gain insight by predicting what may happen at the end. Forecast helps each team member achieve a quality and efficient result by focusing on the team.


Monitask facilitates communication between team members, particularly for small companies.

This software tracks the time spent on your project to ensure that it is progressing as planned. The software takes screenshots from the team member’s workstations to ensure that work is being done throughout the project. You can choose to run the screenshot feature at a specific time or let it happen randomly. Team members can view tasks’ start and finish times during this time.

Dashboards are another feature in Monitask that gives you an overview of your project. The dashboards provide a live summary of your project.

  • What stage is your team at?
  • The web and mobile activities of your team, and
  • How long does the workflow take?

Dashboards give you a comprehensive view of your project. You are therefore informed of every step. Monitask, a time-tracking software that tracks all activities of your team, can tell you exactly how much time they spend on each project. This information can make it easier to calculate your budget.


Teamwork, a software firm, helps you manage your projects and achieve profitable and efficient results. The software promises:

  • Planning and managing complex projects
  • Accelerating project processes by minimizing time losses that could occur
  • You will gain more recognition by providing unlimited access to customers.

A structure that combines everything in one platform makes the project process easier and faster. Its features, such as dashboards, portfolios, time tracking, and reporting boards, allow you to plan and determine the tasks for team members. You can also communicate the progress of a project.

The Templates feature allows you to quickly and easily identify projects and tasks, which can take time. It also allows your customers to access the software for free. Your visibility will grow the more people view your project. This will help you to form a basis for potential collaborations.

Teamwork is committed to making you happy by putting a high priority on customer support and satisfaction. It was created to ensure that all project management steps can be carried out quickly and easily.

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