20 Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas for Your Next Soirée

Indoors might seem the obvious place to host your event. Don’t forget about moving your party outside. Your outdoor space may be more spacious than your home, and guests will enjoy the fresh air.

It can be difficult to decorate for an outdoor event. We’ve collected some of our favorite ideas for outdoor party decorations, and you’re sure to find one that works. Continue reading to discover your favorite.

1. Pair Patterns

Consider matching your tablecloths to other elements of your outdoor decor like your furniture or umbrella. You can also use different patterns to give your space an entirely new feel. For example, blue stripes will give you a nautical feeling while green palms will give you a tropical one.

2. Choose Low-key

Decor can be kept simple for an intimate outdoor gathering of friends. Low-key does not mean boring. Add a few throw cushions, a couple of outdoor lights and some fancy dishes to create a stylish and easy outdoor party.

3. Detail Count

Decor guidelines do not need to be ignored just because you’re throwing a party outside. Even outside, details matter. For an inviting outdoor feel, add the right accessories, such as candles, bowls with fresh fruit and comfortable seating. These little touches can make a space come together.

4. Buy a Big Tent

You want to throw an outdoor soirée of the season. A tent is a necessity unless you live in an area where it never rains and the weather is temperate. Tents are a great way to protect your home from bad weather, heat and even insects. They can also be decorated to create a festive atmosphere.

5. Decorate your Fence

It’s not just a boundary between properties, but also a place where you can add personalised touches. Consider your fence as a blank space that can be decorated, whether for a 30th birthday theme or just to decorate the yard.

6. Use Water Features

Do you have a pool or hot tub? Make it the center of attention for your outdoor party. A hot tub makes a great centerpiece for small parties between friends. Pools are perfect for larger groups. You can also add some seating to encourage conversation, as well as a few lights for ambiance.

7. Fall for a Fairytale

With a few simple additions, an outdoor space can be transformed into a magical place: warm, delicate lighting, small plants and lots of comfortable seating. Combine these elements to create a magical outdoor space.

8. Keep it Simple

You don’t have to go overboard with your outdoor party. You can also stick to the basics. You can create a classic and inviting vibe with a few stylish and comfortable pieces, and a string lights.

9. Shade Your Shade

It’s important to plan an outdoor party around the shade that you have if you live in a hot area. The centuries-old oak will not only look beautiful, but it will keep your guests cool.

10. Choose an Umbrella

No natural shades? No problem. You can use a large umbrella to shade your dining table or seating area from the summer sun. Consider purchasing a portable umbrella (not one that is attached to a table) so you can use it wherever needed.

11. Pergolas: Purchase one today

What other options are there for your outdoor event to reduce the sun’s heat? A pergola. A pergola is not portable like an umbrella, but it’s a beautiful architectural feature that can be added to your backyard. It also helps to define the space.

12. Enjoy Luxury

Create a luxurious atmosphere for an outdoor party that is fit for an A lister. Add a few statement lighting to create the perfect mood. Use lush, rippling fabrics to cover a pergola or an outdoor gazebo. For a luxurious space, finish with stylish outdoor furniture in bold patterns.

13. Add n Appetizer Space

Consider creating separate areas for the different portions of your meal if you are planning an outdoor party with multiple courses. The appetizers can be served in a small, informal seating area, while the main meal is served at a larger, formal dining table.

14. Get Low

Try placing pillows on a rug outside and pairing it with a low-level table for a unique seating option. This is a fun way to surprise your guests and, with matching pillows, can also look cool.

15. Perfect Your Picnic

Picnics are another great idea for small groups. Bring out your picnic blankets for a small outdoor gathering. This is not the picnic you remember from your childhood. Instead, use candles, elegant serveware and plush cushion for a more upscale feel.

16. Create Multiple Spaces

It can be difficult to create a space where people can talk at large gatherings. Create separate seating areas for smaller conversations if you don’t want to have the conversation in giant circles.

17. Use Neon

Since the classic “open” sign, neon lighting has evolved. You can now use it anywhere, including your backyard. This bright light will not only look better outside than inside, but it will also bring a party-like vibe to any outdoor area.

18. Bring in Flowers

Include flowers and other greenery from your garden in your party decorations. Use small blooms to decorate place settings or make a garland from extra greenery.

19. Texture

Bring in lots of textures to transform your outdoor party from 0 – 100. Decorate with wood and a thick weave or wicker.

20. Make Space for Kids

Make sure that there are enough spaces for children to play if you’re hosting an outdoor party with families. You can use a small tent, a playset, a swing or an outdoor game.



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