10 Trending Wall Panel Design For Office Interiors

Wall panels can add character to any space. A good wall panel design will elevate the mood of any space, whether it’s your home or office.

What Is Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling can be used to cover an existing wall. Office wall panel designs can be used for a variety of purposes, from hiding structural flaws to covering exposed wiring. The wall panel can be used as a decorative feature that adds texture and character to the walls and enhances the aesthetics of your office. The right wall paneling for office walls can act as a sound barrier.

What Are The Different Types Wall Paneling Materials Available?

The most common materials used in wall panel design are MDF panels, veneer panels, PVC panels, and upholstered panels.

How To Install Wall Panels?

The panels can be mounted directly to a wall using screws or a metal grid framework attached to the wall. Installation of wall panelling is easier than other wall treatments, such as painting the surface.

Learn how to integrate different types of wall panels for office into the office interiors.

1. Vertical Wood Slats: Design Ideas

This wall panel design creates a striking focal point behind the sofa in the waiting room by blending vertical wood slats, which give the impression of height, with simple wooden panels for a sleek and modern look. This combination creates a striking contrast to the all-white walls, flooring, and sofas.

2. Beautify Your Home With Recessed Lighting

The combination of flat and raised wooden panels creates depth and dimension. The projection panels are recessed LEDs that create a warm glow and gently illuminate the panel surface. The lights in this office wall panel are artfully scattered at random to create an enchanting effect. This feature wall is covered in triangular patterns to create a geometric look. The natural colours of the wood also give it a dynamic appearance.

3. Create Geometric Patterns

You can create an accent wall design for the office reception area by arranging wooden tiles with diagonal patterns in different directions. This will produce a pattern that is visually appealing and tactile.

4. Colourful Wall Panels

Wall panels can be a good way to add colour to the walls of your office. With laminated panels, you can create a grid on the wall in any colour or finish.

5. Consider Box Panelling

Interiors of offices, as opposed to residential spaces, have a formal atmosphere. In this particular case, notice how the panels of the base are arranged vertically in wood tones. The box-shaped panelling creates shelves to display accessories. The base is made of PVC wall panels, which are durable and resistant to water.

6. ACP Interior Wall Panel

In a conference, horizontal ACP panels or aluminium composites in wood tones and bright reds create horizontal stripes that contrast with the television panel placed at the center of the room. This arrangement is intended to create a lively and dynamic interior. Reflective surfaces are recommended for small areas as they bounce the light and give an illusion of space.

7. 3D Wall Panels

The three-dimensional design of the wall panels for the office creates a pattern that is engaging and has a tactile texture. It brings a sense of vibrancy to the open-plan workstations. The walls have a dramatic look with their contrasting shapes, colours and three-dimensional surfaces.

8. MDF Wall Panel

A backdrop of yellow circular shapes complements the yellow chairs to create a lively workstation.

9. Create a Chequered Grid

The wall panel is a chequered grid design that adds timeless appeal to the interior decor of an office.

10. Two-tone Wall Panels

The use of two different colours in the office wall panel design adds visual interest to the room and breaks up the monotony. The wood panel design in the office adds warmth to the interiors with its rich veining. The wood wall panel design runs the length of the room and visually ties the space together.

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