How to decorate your home with canvas pictures: A few tips on where and how to place them.

Displaying photos to personalize a space is my favorite thing. These photos are a great way to remember your most memorable and unique moments. You can elevate the appearance of your photos by having them printed on canvas. Canvas prints and art look different in the home when compared to putting a picture inside a frame. It could be the larger format, custom framing, or the more deliberate way they’re created.

Gallery wall with images and photos on canvas

A gallery wall is one of the best ways to add personality to a house.

A gallery wall can comprise only photos, including art and decor. There are many ways to create a gallery to match your interiors, from perfectly spaced, uniform layouts to contemporary, asymmetrical wall art collections.

Here are some design ideas to enhance your gallery wall.

  • Consider the design principles: harmony, balance, rhythm, unity, and dominance. If you use similar frames or a color palette in tones, your gallery wall will have a cohesive feel.
  • Before you start hammering on the wall, plan your composition. You can move frames around until you find a layout that you like.
  • Putting the most important items (normally off-center) first to anchor a gallery wall is often helpful.

Online canvas printing services like MY PICTURE are a great way to make large prints that look amazing on your gallery wall. You can also print pictures of nature or flowers, photos taken on your travels, or even photos of animals like our free happy goat artwork. If you want to mix formats, MY PICTURE also offers gallery-style frames.

Single-framed canvas photo

You can also hang them on a wall to display your canvas photos. This can be done in any part of your home, such as the bedroom, office, or kitchen.

I love to hang canvas photos on small walls, which would otherwise be blank. I have a framed picture of Patrick in my office that brings me great joy.

You can decorate your home even if you rent. You can do this without causing any damage by using hooks or removable picture hanging strips.

Canvas photos on a bookshelf

Bookshelves are a great way to showcase canvas photos. Yep, you guessed it is another option.

Use the depth of your shelves for various books, wall art, and decor. Be careful not to overcrowd the bookshelf. Leaving some blank spaces will give your bookshelf some breathing space.

Two canvas photos placed side by side

It may seem obvious, but hanging two similar photos or artworks side-by-side is a design trick that will guarantee instant success.

For example, in a coastal dining area, I could create my own affordable art by printing two photos of beach scenes onto canvas and hanging them next to one another.

You can also hang two canvas prints in your bedroom to show off images of loved ones or children.

Canvas photos on floating shelves or ledge walls

Interiors are increasingly popular with floating shelves or ledge walls. They offer the perfect surface to create a style moment.

Consider printing photos on canvas and hanging them against the wall. Add some home decor, such as ceramics and candles, to create a stylish and personalized corner of your home.

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