How to be successful in social impact initiatives by having the right mindset for companies

I want to tell you about the social impact of Rock content, starting with our mission and moving on to our actions, results, and lessons learned.

We are often asked, “Why do you make social impact?” but we can answer that we do it for two reasons: It’s the right thing and it opens up meaningful conversations worldwide.

We needed time to be sure that we were on the right track. We are still getting ready, as with any other company. But we know that we need to improve our relationship with all our stakeholders, including investors and customers.

The first step in implementing this strategy was to recognize that we could and should use our skills, knowledge, and experience to help the people of our community. Rock content was established in 2013, following an education path to help grow the market. Rock University has trained more than 500,000 students in Digital Marketing.

This is the direction we decided to go. is our social arm. We have structured all of our impact initiatives to reach the goals and journeys that we are on now.

As a company, we made it clear that our mission was to share our products, services, and knowledge to promote social change. We also realized that the change needed to result from our internal reflection.

Our results speak for themselves. In 2021, Rock Content helped 20,000 people through the donation of Rock University scholarships. Women comprise 52.8% and 49% of the rock content team, respectively. What did we do? Let’s go deeper into it.

Share our mission with everyone.

We became a committed, structured company with a desire for a better future because we ensured that the mission of Rock Content made sense to our entire team. The workforce comprises more than 400 individuals spread across 20 different countries. Our rockers!

Our stated mission for an extended period was “enable growth.” This made sense to the type of company that we wanted to become and guided us in our growth into the global business we are today, with a strong presence in the US and Canada. This phrase is not just about the company. It’s also about giving opportunities to groups that are underrepresented.

Our brand-new mission reflects our desire to grow with great content, which speaks to our broader mission of “Making marketing better while making a positive contribution to the world.”

One tip regarding our direction: whatever your company does, remember that your mission must make sense to everyone involved. You need to share growth if you want it. People will remember your mission and ask you to take actions that align with it.

Report on Social Impact for 2021

All Rock content stakeholders are committed to social impact today. Four commitments align us with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: Gender Equality and Gender Equality, Decent Growth, and Job Opportunities.

We donate our time and products as members of the pledge 1%. In 2021, our company agreed to give 1% of its shares to educational and employment initiatives.

Nineteen thousand three hundred twenty-two students will be impacted in 2021 by Rock University course donations, and 13462 certifications will be achieved. In addition, 73% said in a survey that they had experienced a change after taking courses, whether in terms of their employment, education, or other areas of their lives.

Joao Medeiros (18) is on a journey to educate young people with fewer conditions to enter the labor market.

The Rock Content programs helped me become a professional communicator. The scholarships and programs helped me realize I was interested in the communication industry. Today, I am working in Social Media and can use much of the knowledge I gained through Rock ‘n’ Grow. It improved my life in a big way. It would be great if everyone I knew could do this .”

To achieve the results in 2021 with education initiatives, rock content focused primarily on how to collaborate to develop skills and get closer to those who need these developments.

We will continue to support our Rock ‘n’ Grow Program with scholarships donated at Rock University. This program is designed to help underrepresented individuals earning less than USD 48,000 annually. These courses allow our beneficiaries to improve their technical skills in marketing, social media, and sales.

After analyzing the job market, we decided to create a program that would focus on soft skills and be designed by a former Rock content employee. Rockcamp is born! The Program is a series of weekly sessions with Rock content professionals to prepare for a career.

This Program does not focus on scaling. We want to get closer to young people and help them develop soft skills. In the June 2021 pilot, 15 students participated. Of those, 33% found a job during or after the Program. Two of these young apprentices work here at.

We needed 15 partners to achieve these results. Our employees contributed 1,698 hours of volunteer work.

Helena Chang, our Product Director, will participate in Volunteer Week 2021. She believes volunteering is about “caring for others, sharing with them, and creating the same opportunities as you or your family had.”

Volunteering is an excellent way to build team spirit, strengthen your culture and improve communication and leadership abilities.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: the achievements

Rock content holds several internal and external Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion events.

We have internal policies against discrimination and adhere to our Code of Conduct. We organize training sessions and campaigns that focus on the health and empowerment of our employees.

We aim to make the entire team feel like Raissa, our Employer-Branding Analyst. She thinks for the first time during her 13 years of career that she works in an organization that turns its words into action.

“Seeing the things that happened made me hopeful for a better future. I am a mother, a black woman with a visual impairment, and a poor, rural community member. It is a new experience in my professional career to be understood and able to build development opportunities. Finally, I’m in a position that gives me the mental security to overcome the obstacles that have held back my professional development for many years.

These are some of the examples which show that 52.8% of employees are women, and 49% hold leadership positions.

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