Autumn home decor trends for 2023: Colours and styles that define this season

When a new season arrives, seeing the latest trends for the home is exciting. This is especially true in 2023, when we begin to move away from the neutrals of recent years. This year, we’re seeing a return to vibrant colors, playful prints, and cozy textures. Autumn interior trends for 2023 will focus on creating more cheerful spaces with retro references.

Thanks to Canberra Outlet, I will share some of the most popular colors and styles for this autumn season. You can also learn how to incorporate these trends into your home.

Retro revival

You can remember carpeted bathroom floors. The reimagined 70s aesthetic has earthy colors, geometric shapes, and eclectic home styling.

Retro revival can be embraced in many ways.

  • Have fun when styling your home, for example, by incorporating some quirky home decor
  • Think geometric prints when you choose patterned fabrics
  • Create warmth by using a color scheme inspired by the ’70s. Top picks include shades of brown, yellow, and orange, with avocado green or blue accents.
  • Get on the Floor Lamp Bandwagon
  • Increase the number of indoor plants.

Honey Colours

  • Spiced honey is the new autumn trend! While most of us associate yellow shades with spring and summer home decor, this color has been popular for many years.
  • You’ll find a wide range of home accessories in this warm hue, from glass vessels to throw blankets. This fluted glass vase from Bed Bath N’ Table is gorgeous, as is the ultra-cozy throw I purchased from Adairs.
  • Style tip: Use honey tones with brown shades for a grounded look. If you want to add more color, try mixing shades of green. It’s a great color palette.

Cozy is cool

  • Super-soft corduroys, fluffy fleeces, and quilted Velvet are among the most popular textures this season.
  • These fabrics are a continuation of the retro influence. They take us back to a simpler time. Was corduroy a popular material for home accessories last year? Still trying, but I like it!
  • Add a few feature cushions to your sofa or occasional chair to create the ultimate cozy bed.

Warming scents

You had to be aware of the importance of scent. As I often say, our sense of smell is a major one.

Change your home diffusers and candles to those with earthy and spicy notes. Candles are available in a variety of trendy vessels. Bed Bath N’ Table’s mini Myrtle & Moss glass candle in brown is perfect for autumn decor.

Shades of Blue

Blue is also a popular color, and cobalt has made a comeback. This vibrant color directly results from the fashion runways and has now made its way into homewares.

Freedom is where I go for affordable homewares that channel cobalt shades but don’t get surprised if this vibrant color appears elsewhere.

The navy will also be a popular choice if you’d prefer a more muted shade of blue.

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