Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Change Your Mind about Digital Marketing

Content marketing remains one of the best digital marketing strategies to increase conversions and drive traffic to your site. Visual content marketing statistics prove you need images to stand out.

Did you know in 2018 that audiovisual and image usage in marketing strategies grew to 69% and 63%, respectively? 84% of marketers surveyed in 2019 think that content marketing has moderate to extreme success for their company in achieving its targeted goals. If included in your marketing campaigns, visual content can help improve your company’s performance.

We have gathered nine statistics to convince you that the visual content marketing strategy is what your company needs in order to get better results and remain competitive in the market. Let’s get started.

Find nine statistics on visual content marketing to help you improve your business results.

We selected statistics from various sources, including reports, scientific studies, and infographics. These stats will show why visual content marketing should be incorporated into your marketing campaigns.

Visual instructions are followed by people 323% more than written instructions.

According to research, illustrated texts are more accessible for people to understand. It’s easier to follow instructions when people can see what they should do. You can create powerful content in your marketing campaigns by using images. For example, you could draw attention to the prospect’s issue or your solution.

Visual content on Facebook increases engagement by 2.3 times.

Users tend to look at visual content when scrolling through social media pages. According to, BuzzSumo, you can increase the engagement of your Facebook audience by using quality images.

Infographics increase website traffic by up to 12%

Images are fascinating to all people due to our nature. We can understand them in just 0.1 seconds. As NeoMam Studios suggests, they are more accessible, persuasive, and engaging.

Adding visual elements to content marketing campaigns can enhance the user experience and increase engagement with your brand. Infographics offer an even more powerful tool. They are easy to share, and they provide complex information in a visual format. This allows your audience to learn quickly about a subject. Demand Generation Report states that this type of content tends to increase your website traffic.

An SMA marketing study shows that infographics get shared and liked 3x as much on social media than other content types.

Images in articles get 94% More Views.

According to a report by Nature Communications, images are more likely to attract views. We can understand an idea more quickly, and if your lead finds it attractive, a Quick Sprout Data study shows that he will open and read the article.

Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing, generating more leads.

Content marketing can be effective at attracting and creating leads, as well as nurturing those leads. Investing in this strategy will help you achieve your goals at all customer journey stages.

It also helps increase lead generation, allowing your company to build a strong relationship with your audience by offering valuable content. According to the demand Metric, this can reduce the marketing costs of your business.

When videos accompany landing pages, conversions increase by 86%

Demand Generation Report states that videos can increase your landing page conversion rate by 86%. Like other forms of content, this includes engaging visuals and videos.

Hubspot’s 2020 report also highlighted an important fact: video is often used in content marketing, followed by infographics and blog posts. This survey found that brand storytelling and promotional videos are the most popular types of video for these purposes.

In 2017, the use of interactive infographics increased by 52%.

According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, interactive infographics were used more than other interactive content types (such as quizzes or assessments). Interactive experiences are the latest trend in content marketing. Your company will reap many benefits by adding them to its strategies.

In 2019, 53% of marketers distributed content via YouTube.

According to the 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, social media is increasingly important in marketing campaigns. In the past 12 months, 95% of marketers used social media. Besides, 53% of B2B marketers used YouTube to distribute content, while 46% used Instagram.

Facebook is used by over 60% of Internet users.

Hubspot claims that it can reach over 60% of Internet users. In 2019, Facebook averaged 1.66 billion active daily users. This represents a 9% increase year-over-year.

Consider that by incorporating this social media into your company’s campaigns, you can increase your visibility and reach. You can also share any content on your page.

These visual content statistics show the importance of including these elements in your campaigns. You can use this content to improve your marketing strategy by incorporating its benefits, such as increased brand awareness, lead generation, and a better user experience.

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