Use Pinterest to inspire your marketing strategy.

Pinterest is often referred to as the “ugly duckling” of social media networks by professionals, but some companies disagree. With 433 million active users worldwide, you can reach millions of people and increase brand awareness if used wisely.

This article will list five brands excelling at Pinterest Marketing to help you start or improve your strategy.

Brands using Pinterest in their marketing strategies


IKEA, a global brand, designs, creates, and sells furnishing products ready to assemble, including kitchen appliances, home furnishings, etc.

Their marketing strategy on Pinterest creates a “home atmosphere” by sharing ideas for design, organization, and tips about how to care for and use everyday household objects. They also share drink and meal recipes to serve when friends arrive.

The company’s Pinterest account teaches us how important it is to understand your persona in depth so that you can develop a strategy around your lifestyle.


Airbnb has a Pinterest account with over 10,000,000 monthly views and over 165 000 followers. The report shares travel ideas, tips, and Airbnb destinations around the globe.

It may seem obvious. The Airbnb Marketing strategy is successful and insightful because they use strategically chosen keywords and hashtags to make search terms more accessible. We are discussing a social media platform that uses SEO to deliver relevant content for its users.

They encourage their followers, when it comes to hashtags, to share their photos using the Airbnb hashtag. This creates a sense of community and belonging. It’s pretty cool.


Etsy, a global marketplace online, allows you to buy unique, vintage, or custom items from entrepreneurs and small businesses. Etsy’s definition of success is to make these small businesses successful using their marketplace.

Their entire marketing strategy on Pinterest is to help promote small businesses by giving them space to share their work. You’ll also find content and videos that provide a behind-the-scenes look at small businesses.

Etsy’s approach gives the artist selling the product a voice. Etsy is making its marketplace more appealing for both buyers and sellers.

Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine’s Pinterest Marketing Strategy relies on videos and photos from “backstage” photoshoots to create an upscale feel.

This type of “exclusive” material can be used to increase your loyal and passionate audience when we consider building a Brand Community.

It’s also an example of how to make your social media content unique and appealing.


Samsung’s marketing strategy on Pinterest shows us how important it is to understand social media before you plan your strategy. This includes knowing not only the platform but also its users and audience.

You’ll see a lot of pictures and videos on their Instagram. This is not just because they are their main product but also because Instagram users love it. As you can see from this article, Pinterest focuses more on lifestyle, design, and inspiring content.

Samsung’s Pinterest page is different from its Instagram account. Samsung’s Pinterest account focuses on home and appliances, which makes sense since it is a platform geared towards this audience.

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