The Hottest Visual Content Trends for 2022

Digital marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Companies must now find innovative ways to attract consumers’ attention. They can no longer rely on a few Facebook advertisements or a blog post every week and hope for the best.

They must also provide more value upfront and interact with customers to compete in a crowded market.

Visual advertising has become more popular than ever.

Staying out and creating new, exciting digital content with cutting-edge features is essential.

This guide includes our favorite visual elements and ideas for implementing them.

Live streaming is a hot topic right now.

This has been an odd year for most people.

Virtual connections are essential for those who are cut off from social interaction.

This is why Live Streaming has grown in popularity over the past twenty-four months.

It’s a great way to demonstrate that your company is authentic and genuinely interested in offering the best service or product.

It also allows your audience to interact immediately, ask questions, and get answers. They can learn more and decide on making a purchase.

It is essential to keep in mind that you will need to choose someone from your organization to represent your brand.

The best friend you can have is authentic content.

Most consumers today trust media and advertising less.

Who can blame them? Choosing between companies that are making noise and those to ignore can be challenging.

This is why authentic content has become a hot trend for visual content.

Most audiences do not want to see stock photos of people who look like they have just stepped off the pages of a glossy magazine.

They want to see accurate shots of real people doing actual activities.

Even candid pictures of people laughing, having family dinners, or doing their jobs can be attractive.

The Future of Mixed Reality Integration

Remember when Niantic released Pokemon Go a few years ago?

It was the first option to combine smartphones with augmented reality.

Today, technology has made it easier for companies to integrate mixed reality into their mobile experience.

Imagine virtually trying on a pair of glasses before purchasing them or determining whether a piece of furniture fits in the room.

These mixed interactive experiences are significant after the pandemic as more people stay home, purchasing less from brick-and-mortar retailers.

Unsurprisingly, such content will only continue to grow in popularity.

Lists as Graphics

Lists as graphics are another visual trend for content marketing this year.

This is an excellent way for you to segment important information visually. It also makes sharing the news on social media easier for your audience members.

Let’s take a look at why it works.

The human brain is a very visual tool. It can perceive graphics and images thousands of times faster than a wall of text.

Most people can consume data much faster than if presented in a paragraph or even as a list of bulleted points.

Gamified Visual Experience

Simple graphics are out. Gamified visual experiences have taken over.

What does this mean?

Create interactive content to give your audience a good reason to act — such as clicking a button or moving an icon.

It is easier to keep visitors on your website for longer if you make the content interactive.

You can get more exposure if they share their experience with their followers and friends.

Content on Green Living and Healthy Lifestyles

Content marketing in 2022 will be dominated by a trend that is less about visuals and more about the context of the content.

Green living and healthy lifestyles are topics that interest more people today.

People want to know the best things for their environment, family, health, and many other topics.

It is wise for you to include this angle as much as possible in your posts.

If you are in a B2B sector that does not have logical links between these topics, and the content you usually produce, then you should avoid this trend.

You might find some ideas by brainstorming, even if you are talking about your team’s work at a local fundraiser or how they took on a particular cause.

Shoppable content for improved sales

ECommerce retailers can use shoppable content to take advantage of the hottest trends in visual content marketing this year.

What does it mean?

Shoppable content describes how customers can buy products directly from images without adding them to their carts or through the checkout process.

Some platforms allow instant payments with digital methods, such as Apple Pay. This is a great bonus.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube are all using this feature. More platforms will soon follow suit.

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