Tablescaping, the art of dressing up a table to make it more memorable and elegant, is growing in popularity. Tablescaping, the art of decorating a table, is a great way to show off your creativity and personal style.

There are many ways to dress up your event, whether casual or formal, for any season. There are no set rules for tablescaping. You can do whatever you want. You don’t have to use a fancy service set-up – you can make your table look as good by using what you already have.

You can have fun with tablescapes and add your touch to something temporary. The interior designer Natalia Miyar says it is a joy to find reference points for events or seasons. It lifts everyone’s spirits and establishes a sense of occasion.

It’s the perfect opportunity to use Christmas table decorations with the tablescaping trend. We’ve collected a few of our favorite looks to inspire you in your Christmas decorating.


Tablescaping doesn’t mean knowing how to set the perfect Christmas Table. It’s about creating an atmosphere of occasion and magic with clever tricks. Below are our top picks.

Get Inspiration from a Tablecloth

A beautiful tablecloth is a great way to get ideas for your tablescape. A tablecloth is a great way to set the mood for Christmas tables and adds a sense of occasion. A tablecloth with a central focal point running through it is a clever design trick leading you to the table centerpiece.

The Summerill & Bishop team (opens in new tab) used the Les Airelles tablecloth to create a stunning red and white Christmas centerpiece using simple white candlesticks with red candles. For the final touch, holly sprigs were placed along the center to create the illusion of a Christmas tree garland.

Could you keep it simple?

Anyone who has ever hosted Christmas dinner parties or large gatherings knows how stressful it is. It’s therefore essential to make the tablescapes easy to put together. You can spend some time creating a stunning tablescape. An all-white tablescape with sparkle hints is an excellent choice for festive and new year table decor. A beautiful white linen tablecloth can be used. Next, add linen napkins of the same color as the interior to elevate a simple table setting with white crockery and simple decorations.

Place a few candles around the centerpiece to create a warm atmosphere. For the tabletop, candles are the best option. They cast a warm glow and make everything look better.

Create An Elegant Tablescape With Antiques

It’s a beautiful way to decorate Christmas tables with antiques. Daphne Dunn (opens in new tab) is an interior designer and antique dealer who lines her Christmas table with various vintage candlesticks. She then arranges her favorite vintage vessels along her table, filling them with fresh flowers and fruit baubles to match her dining room decor.

“Decorating your home in Christmas spirit is personal. It should reflect your taste and be in line with Christmas traditions. If you like the traditional red and golden theme, ruby red hydrangeas are a good choice. They add warmth and elegance to homes and can be dried beautifully by the fire,” says RonnyColbie (opens in new window), luxury florist.

Make a rustic woodland tablescape.

A magical forest-themed table will bring the outdoors inside. You can create a lush Christmas wreath by filling a metal frame with damp moss and attaching it with floristry wire. As you construct the wreath, gather Christmas foliage like eucalyptus and pine. Secure each piece with floristry wire. Make sure you work in the same direction.

Layer and secure the stems in small increments until you have a full wreath. Then push the smaller sprigs into your moss base. To finish the centerpiece, place three staggered-shaped pillar candles in its middle. Foraged mossy branches, ivy, and pine cones can be arranged along the table’s center. Add mercury glass tealight holders and woodland animal decorations to the centerpiece to bring the woodland theme to life. Green leafy crockery like Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates can be used to continue the natural, green theme.

Playful Maximalism is the Way to Go

You can make a unique Christmas table by substituting classic red and gold with brights and patterns. This is a simple look you can create with what you already have. Use a tablecloth made from an elegant fabric like this Kennet design by Morris & Co (opens in new tab x Ben Pentreath) to set the tone and then layer with ceramics and textiles in various colors and shapes.

Reusable crackers can be used to reduce consumption. They can also be used as napkins and gifts. For guests, Liberty prints handmade name rosettes made by Emma Giacalone textiles (opens in new tab), creating beautiful place markers and wonderful keepsakes.

Create Your Tablescaping Around the Centerpiece

The centerpiece of a table is the starting point for tablescaping. You might design it to match the colors of your china or napkins. However, it is the centerpiece of your tablescape, so it should stand out.

A design with winter foliage and candles makes a timeless centerpiece for Christmas tables. You can use ‘English pine, winter eucalyptus, or holly, as well as twigs and winter holly. You can add flowers to your foliage base and change them as they wilt. Ronny Colbie, a luxury florist, says that winter berries, Hydrangea and Amaryllis are the best choices for long-lasting flowers.

You can use small baubles or dried fruits to add texture. I recommend using many small vases to add height and dimension to long tables. To finish the table, I recommend layering the arrangements with tealights, loose pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and antique candlesticks.

“There is a decision to make with a centerpiece – whether at Christmas or high summer,” says Homes & Gardens Editor-in-Chief Lucy Searle. Its size is vital. You should make it stand out. If it is heavy, the table may be unable to handle it. It should not be placed on the table so that people across from it can’t see beyond it.

Match your Tablescape to Your Decor

The best tablescapes are those that complement the surroundings. Take inspiration from your Christmas decor during the holiday season to pick a color scheme, materials, and china that matches the decor throughout the space.

This applies to any season, whether you’re planning a Christmas party or a summer wedding.

Concentrate on Your Guests

As mentioned above, tablescaping isn’t about the table’s appearance but how it makes your guests feel. Christmas gift ideas are the best way to make them feel special and welcome. Another idea that can be used year-round is this. You have the option of giving small gifts to guests, depending on your time. Or you could buy lots of the same facility (such as beautifully scented candles) and place them in a cute box.

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