Steering wheel covers

The steering wheel cover is a decorative item with an excellent grip. It’s also a great way to express your personality, whether you like sparkles, fur, or a particular sports team. Check out our guide for the best options for steering wheel covers.

Why You Need A Steering-Wheel Cover

First things first. Why do you require a steering-wheel cover? It’s unnecessary, but it will make your journey more enjoyable. The covers protect your hands from hot or cold wheels during winter and summer. They’re also a great way to show off your personality. You’ll find covers with fun colors, patterns, or logos.

The best part is that steering wheel covers can revitalize an old steering wheel. After several years of heavy use, the areas where you place your hands on your steering wheel may start to wear out. Your car will look worn and old. A new steering cover can instantly give your vehicle a facelift. It will help restore its majesty and the power it had when you first drove it.

What to consider when buying a steering wheel cover

Before buying a steering-wheel cover, there’s little to consider. As these covers are mostly cosmetic accessories, you should first consider their appearance. You’ll want to view the material used for the body. The most common materials are:

  • Mixes of synthetic materials, which can range from polyester to microfiber. They are also the most affordable because they are so easy to produce.
  • Leather is the most expensive type of cover, as it comes from animal hides. The leather may feel the best, as it is smooth and supple against your skin. Be aware that these fabrics may not be as vibrant as synthetic materials.
  • Cowhide is an excellent alternative to leather. It may feel a little trickier, but it looks as good. Cowhide can be cheaper than leather if you are on a tight budget.

It would help to consider how the materials feel in your hands. Leather and synthetic materials are typically the softest. However, some people may prefer the firm grip provided by cowhide.

Buy Before You Buy

Be sure to know how to clean your steering wheel cover before you purchase one properly. If you use the correct technique, you may avoid replacing it sooner than planned. Never wash your steering wheel cover, no matter which types you buy. It can shrink (which means you won’t be able to put the lid on again) or cause creasing, making it look worse than just the direct steering. Use a damp cloth instead to remove dirt.

It’s also important to note that steering wheel covers are often challenging to put on. They are meant to be tight, so getting them over the steering wheel might take a little effort. Use a blow-dryer to gently warm the cover, making it more flexible and stretchy. Be careful not to overheat the body, or you could damage it.

The Best Steering Wheel covers

The Best Overall Steering wheel Cover: Black Microfiber Leather SEG Direct Auto Car Steering-wheel Cover

Need to get into bells and whistles? Want something stylish that still provides a comfortable grip but also looks classy? The SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover is available in three sizes, including 14.5-15″, 14.14.25″, and 15-16″. You can choose from gray, beige, or blue accents and the most popular color, black. The microfiber leather will feel soft under your fingertips as you drive through town. And the heat-resistant design prevents your hands from getting burned on the steering wheel during the summer. The cover has a sporty look that will give you a better grip.

The Best Steering Wheel cover: New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel with Bling Bling Crystal Rhinestones

Your car doesn’t have to be serious all the time. This unique New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover features Bling Bling Crystal Rhinestones. Silver gemstones under your fingertips will let your personality shine. You can also choose the color underneath the crystals. It could be black, gold, silver, purple, red, or pink. This only comes in a size of 14.5-15″, so it’s best for small to mid-size vehicles. The listing explicitly mentions women and girls, but we want to be inclusive and recommend this as a fun and unique option for everyone who likes to shine while driving.

The Best Classic Steering Wheel cover: AOTOMIO Black Universal Steering Wheel Deluxe – Light Wood Grain

Some people are not looking to create a sensation with their steering covers. The AOTOMIO Universal Black Steering Wheel Cover in Light Wood Grain is perfect for those who prefer a more classic wood-toned style. The AOTOMIO Black Universal Steering Wheel Cover in Light Wood Grain is available in 14-14.5″, 15″, and 15.5-16″. You can find the right fit for your car. The top grip is made of faux leather in black, while the sides have a rich brown marbling that gives the mahogany appearance. The installation is simple; you slide the cover on top of the wheel and wiggle the lower half onto the wheel. This option can add sophistication to a dull interior.


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