1000 £ Bend is essentially a reimagining of St Jerome's - Melbourne's beloved laneway haunt for over five years - adorned with a few old relics in the cafe from its walls for comforting posterity.

1000 £ Bend is a hybrid venue housing a bustling cafe, restaurant and bar in the front, head up the stairs and you'll find The Unknown Union, the perfect place to lost track of time on Friday and Saturday nights.   Venture through the big sliding doors and you'll find our event spaces, The Gallery andThe Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, perfect for celebrating absolutely any occasion.

A food line up of classic bar snacks, burgers, toasties and Slice Girls pizza.  A delicious rotating weekend breakfast menu and unbeatable food and drink specials six night's a week, 1000 ₤ Bend is the CBD's go-to laid back gathering place.  

Don't forget the free WiFi and notoriously good playlist. 




NO phone!


361 Little Lonsdale St,
Melbourne 3000

Winter opening Hours

Mon to Wed  11am – 11pm
Thur to Fri  11am - 1am
Saturday  9am – 1am
Sunday 9am – 9pm