Mobile Marketing Tactics: Improve your digital strategies by using them

We live in an entirely connected world. The latest mobile usage data shows that people spend more time on mobile devices. It may depend on your age, where you live, and your interests, but it’s clear that we use our mobile devices often.

You probably already know what it means if you’re a marketer. It is not by chance that so many professionals prefer to structure their strategies and run mobile-first campaigns. You have more opportunities than ever before – in front of you or your audience.

You can use this proximity of people to your smartphone, watch, or tablet to develop mobile marketing strategies that will bring you and your brand closer together while also providing a personalized, timely experience.

You can improve your campaign performance by keeping these channels in mind, whether you have a mobile application or not.

Do I need an App to get started?

We all know it takes a lot of money to develop an app.

Knowing if the investment is worthwhile or when it’s time to make it is essential. You can decide by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is my target market?
  • Does my audience use mobile apps?
  • Does anyone else have an app that does the same thing?
  • What will it be useful for?
  • How can my app improve the experience of my customers with my brand
  • What is the purpose? Awareness? Education? Sales?
  • What type of return can I expect?
  • Have I got the budget for a quality app?

Take some time to analyze the current situation and think about your answers. You will then have a better idea of whether or not it is feasible to develop an app. There are many advantages to taking the next step. Don’t worry if you want to stop with the project. There are still many gaps that need filling!

Push Notifications

You may hear them beep on your phone many times per day. The push notifications are intended to generate interest in the product or service. You can receive push notifications for a promotion, discount, news, or to get your attention. A new movie is available on your streaming app, or you can use a coupon to save money on a delivery service.

Pull Notifications

These are the ones you will most likely click. Pull notifications are the ones you get when you interact with an application and receive feedback or updates. You might receive information when your food leaves the restaurant or when you order a car.

You should use the best strategies possible for notifications. Use all the features that a mobile application allows you to send a more personalized message, increasing the likelihood of capturing clicks and leading your users to the goal you want them to achieve.

Marketing tool for messaging: Whatsapp + SMS

We know that people have become more and more dependent on their smartphones. This channel is vital for messaging applications, as people use them to contact their family and friends quickly.

Messenger is probably something you check every day. Knowing their phone number can be another way to keep in touch with your audience.

Consider messaging apps for push notifications. Small businesses that don’t have an app but want to promote their products, launch dates, special offers, or discounts can use this method. You can increase sales by creating broadcast lists that have a good copy and a link.

SMS can also be used for the same purpose. This type of message could be charged. Just like the carrier, you need a platform that allows multiple messages to be sent.

Although SMS messages are rarely used for personal notes, they can still stand out. There is also the benefit of not needing to be online. A phone signal will suffice to send the message.

SOLOMON: The right place at the perfect time

SOLOMO is an acronym for Social + Location + Mobility. These three variables can be used to explore new possibilities. These include:

  • Add your business location to Google or Instagram.
  • Invite people to check in on social media. This tactic is used by some businesses to offer free WiFi after checking in.
  • Encourage people to tag you on social media when they visit specific locations.
  • Ask visitors to leave a review using a QR code on Google or Tripadvisor.
  • Create beautiful photo environments with your logo or other branding icons. It can be a customized table, plate, or glass for pictures or a scenario.

Creativity is essential to make your brand pop out when people interact with your product or service. SOLOMO is an inexpensive and straightforward tactic that can yield good results.

Location-Based Marketing (LBM).

You’ve probably heard of or know about ABM, Account Based Marketing. You can read more about ABM in our blog. In LBM, however, it is important to personalize the experience based on the location of the person or business.

You can see this at the airport and receive a message about your flight. Or when you get an email about an event in your city.

You can take advantage of it in many ways, especially if you run an app. You can set up specific communication methods based on a person’s location. For example, you could send an invitation to a store if they are near it. Or map your competitors to send personalized messages when clients visit one of your shops.

This strategy can be used in even more cost-effective ways. You can send specific offers based on location if you have a contact base with phone codes. A survey can determine where your audience is and then add this information to your contact base, allowing you to segment and personalize your offers.

Remember that monitoring your client’s location is a serious matter and can look scary depending on how you use it. It is, therefore, essential to understand what GDPR says about it and the rules regarding collecting and using personal information.


You can plan a digital advertising campaign in many ways.

First, you should know which audience I am trying to reach. Targeting the right audience when creating a paid marketing campaign is essential. Try to develop different segmentations, and think like the person looking for your service or product.

You should launch a Google Ads campaign if you are aware that many people are looking for your product or service on Google.

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