Marketing Collaboration Software The Best Alternatives Available

Today, marketing collaboration software is essential for connecting team members.

These platforms allow professionals to browse calendars for planning, manage projects in progress, and stay informed on their daily tasks. All of this is done collaboratively.

Selecting the right Software in a world where tools increasingly connect people is essential.

What is marketing collaboration software?

The marketing collaboration software helps connect team members so that they can follow projects within an integrated system.

Marketers can control, monitor and change their daily tasks on these platforms.

These platforms, also known as Software as a Service or SaaS, are hosted on the cloud. Users only need a username/password to access them anywhere.

All authorized users have access to the same information with collaboration tools. This feature is crucial for work that integrates departments and marketing.

We can highlight the following benefits:

  • extended Software Team
  • Remote access
  • Marketing teams should be managed effectively.
  • Monitoring task progress
  • Information sharing on a single platform
  • Everyone can access the same information, files, and data;
  • Communication that is optimized

What are the seven best marketing collaboration tools available?

In marketing, different categories of collaborative Software are essential. Each class is helpful for a particular need in the work routine.

Check out the seven best and see if they can help you!


Markodojo provides a comprehensive marketing platform for a business.

The tool’s primary role is to centralize work requirements into a single workspace so that each user can access the strategic information of marketing campaigns.

Markodojo allows you to manage content strategychannels, and online ads. You can also organize events, PR, sales, and customers.

You can perform the following actions for each of these categories:

  • Make comments on the projects.
  • Share documents, links, and files with others;
  • Write notes and make marks on layouts
  • Create demand-tracking tasks
  • Control access to specific projects for members
  • Invite external members, such as clients, to projects.

Markodojo, in general, is a collaborative marketing tool that allows you to plan, manage and share your information.


  • Free version
  • Annually, $50 is saved.
  • $65 on quarterly;


Brightpod offers a simple and intuitive interface for managing marketing projects.

This tool is designed to simplify administrative tasks. Marketers can then devote their time to more strategic studies.

Brightpod allows you to create your workflow and manage projects with as much detail as possible.

This option lets you use pre-made templates and add milestones and task lists. The work is simplified and faster.

Brightpod features include:

  • Planning calendars with filters for projects and clients;
  • editorial schedule for managing content cycles with a simple click-and-drag system;
  • An event planning tool
  • File sharing (including all formats)


  • Plan Professional: $29/month
  • $59/month on the Studio plan;
  • Agent plan: $99/month
  • $199/month on the Agency Plus plan.

Brightpod is available for a free 14-day trial. You can check out the features of each Plan by visiting their Pricing page.


Slack is one of the most popular marketing collaboration tools. It aims to bring people together and streamline team activities.

Slack allows you to create different message groups for departments, topics, projects, or other segmentation. It is possible to select who should be included in a particular conversation.

This tool is currently much more than just a messaging platform. Video calls are also possible. You can use it to hold meetings, contact remote professionals or clients, and maintain contact.

Slack has many advantages, including accessing groups and messages anytime. The structure of a conversation makes it easier to work than exchanging emails.

Slack’s most important features are:

  • Mention alert tool (if your name is mentioned in a chat, you will be notified);
  • Create groups to segment departments and projects;
  • Sending direct messages is possible.
  • Search and query the message history
  • Creation of channels for external parties (suppliers, clients, teams of partner companies, etc. );
  • Voice and video calls
  • Workflow creation
  • Integration with multiple Software and apps.


  • Free version
  • Standard Plan: $4 per month
  • $7.50/month on the Plus plan;
  • Enterprise Grid (on demand).


Zoom can be used to conduct remote meetings.

Zoom is a simple video call service that’s easy to use but guarantees a high-quality video call.

The platform is designed to allow users to communicate remotely with another person or group. It is possible to have up to 100 participants in a meeting room.

Zoom is a tool that marketing teams use frequently to stay in touch. Zoom has many features that make it a helpful tool.

  • Video calls for direct meetings or calls;
  • Chat rooms
  • Virtual infrastructure for webinars, online workshops, and other online activities
  • Conference rooms
  • phone calls;
  • Integration with chatbots
  • Capacity of up to 10,000 viewers
  • available via a mobile app.


  • Free on Basic Plan
  • $149.90 on Pro Plan;
  • Business Plan: $199.90
  • $199.90 on the Enterprise plan.


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