Gas Fire Pit Buying Guide

You may be looking for features such as easy installation, push button start, or an environmentally friendly design when you are searching and buy gas fire pits in Australia. Before you purchase, you should consider the different types of gas fire pits, fire pit styles, and other factors to take into consideration.

Benefits of gas fire pits
Gas fire pits are great for gathering with family to watch the stars in the late summer or for chatting over a fire during the fall. They allow you to control the size and temperature of the fire at any time. Gas fire pits offer a variety of advantages over traditional wood-burning flames, regardless of what fuel you choose.

The amount of fuel that is released into the fire can be controlled by small dials on both propane and natural-gas fire pits. This precision allows for low flames during warm summer nights, and high heat during chilly autumn days.
Eco-friendly operation: Propane fire pits, natural gas fire pits, and gel/ethanol fireplaces all produce clean, odorless flames. These environmentally friendly fires produce no harmful by-products, soot or ashes.
It’s easy to make s’mores in a hurry on a cool evening. For quick enjoyment, gas fire pits come with a variety of ignition options, including electronic ignitions or hot wires. Matches can also be used to ignite the fire. It is as simple to turn off the flames with a simple flick of a knob or blow.
Gas fire pits are customizable because of their clean burning qualities. You can add different fillers to alter the appearance of your backyard feature. You can easily change the look of your fire pit by changing out fire logs, shades of glass or lava rocks.

Gas Fire Pit Fuel Types
Propane Fire Pits
Propane-fueled firepits are a plug-and play solution that run on standard 20-pound tanks found at your local hardware shop. The push-button ignition of a propane firepit can be lit in seconds with just a few hose connections. The flames can be extinguished with just a simple click of the switch.

The propane tank must be located inside or near the fire pit. Fire pits with a tank that is hidden inside can be taller because the standard tank is 24 inches high. This style uses a gas line to connect the fire pit with an exterior propane tank. The tank can be hidden by a tank cover.

Natural Gas Fire Pits
The same gas that fuels your home is used to power natural gas fire pits. Gas plumbers must install a new line directly from your gas meter or home to the fire pit in order to tap this natural energy. It’s not a DIY project, and it may be necessary to get a permit. The gas can be used immediately after installation, unlike propane tanks that need to be refilled.

Gel and Ethanol Fire Pits
Gel fuel and bioethanol are great options if you want to enjoy the flames but don’t need heat. The gel fuel is sold in small tins containing flammable liquid. These fire pits can be lit with a match. The gel-fueled fire cannot be controlled and you can only blow out the flame when you are done.

Ethanol pits allow for more control of flame size, and have a larger area to fill up with the liquid. Both gel and ethanol fuels require more effort to refill because of their smaller size than propane fire pits.

Gas Fire Pit Styles
Gas fire pits are available in many different designs. Whether your patio is small or you want to heat up an area for the whole family, you can choose from a variety of options. Explore the options available for your new gas-fire pit. From tabletop and portable styles to those designed for entertaining.

Gas Fire Pit Tables
Create the perfect outdoor living area with a firepit that also doubles as a cocktail table. With a propane gas firepit table, you can keep your patio warm while providing a table for drinks and appetizers.

Gas Fire Pit Bowls
A fire bowl will keep you warm and cozy no matter what the weather. Fire bowls are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes that will suit any style of outdoor decor. These designs are also functional. They allow for easy pulse ignition, and they can conceal a propane tank.

Gas Fire Columns
You and your guests will be able to chat comfortably around a fire column, whether you are adding warmth to a summer evening or a crisp autumn afternoon. You’ll also love the modern, rustic and traditional looks of a poolside fire column.

Choosing Decorative Fire Pit Fillers
You can accessorize your fire pit with rocks and fire glass once you have chosen the type of fuel and gas for it. Fire beads, crystal fire diamonds, reflective glass and fire beads are all options to decorate your fire pit. You can choose from lava rocks, pebbles and fire logs. Match your fire-pit filler with the style of your fireplace or your outdoor decor.

Ready to decide? After learning more about gas fire pits and their features, browse our collection to find the best way to warm your outdoor living area. Find a gas fire pit to suit your budget, space and entertaining plans. You can enjoy your purchase in your backyard.


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