Garden Trellis Designs to Enhance your Outdoor Space

Do you not believe us? Take a look at the stunning space created by Janice Parker. She shares that a 25-year-old trellis was one of her favorite projects. The frame has teak columns with bluestone caps, and purple flowering wisteria is planted.

Embrace your exterior

No sprawling garden? No problem. You can bring a garden trellis to any home, even if you don’t have a large backyard. Blogger Jenna Sue attached two expanding lattices outside her house so that her bougainvilleas would have a convenient location to grow. Bonus: This tip adds texture to her stucco façade and is affordable.


Did you know a trellis could transform any archway into an impressive entrance? An Arbor by Jenna Sue Design is a great example. When surrounded by white flowering shrubs, the star jasmine vines that climb the frames take on a whimsical feel. Both species are seamlessly blended.

Wow Your Walls

Blogger Diana Elizabeth Steffen was looking for a way to decorate a large wall in her backyard. She used floral wire to make diamond-shaped trellises. It’s essential to choose the right size.

She says, “We had a smaller diamond-shaped trellis installed in another part of our backyard. It was difficult to maintain.” Since the wall of our new kitchen garden is longer, I decided to make the diamonds bigger [42 inches wide] to make it easier to maintain.

STICKS: GO BACK to the basics

You can make your garden trellis look like Mother Nature by using a series of pea and beans sticks. This tactic is used to grow (you guessed!) Peas and beans. Dig some sturdy poles in the ground, then fasten them to the wire or rope. It’s a practical idea that will give your garden a mystical edge.


As designer Phillip Thomas has done here, use a trellis as a frame for a large pocket door or window. It’s one of his favorite “tricks” to create an outdoor “room” in a garden or highlight an architectural feature in the house, such as an entrance. Whether hidden or literal, a trellis of climbing flowers (like a lattice) adds depth and texture to simple detail.


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