Emerging writers festival

You want to write. You might be more interested in the final product and enjoy nothing better than reading a great book or checking out your favorite blog (the one that has actual words, not just endless reams with celeb gifs). The Emerging Writers’ Festival offers something for everyone, no matter how you feel about the written word. The annual festival, which begins later this month, has a lot to offer. Here are our top picks.

The Good Copy: Nuts & Bolts

The Good Copy, the too cool for school Collingwood writing center, is hosting Nuts and Bolts – a primer in everything grammar. This event, run by The Good Copy founders, will help you to write perfect emails or correct your friends’ sloppy Facebook comments.

Archer: Up Late With Archer

Prahran All-day Italian Bistro Deli.

We tried this Asian twist on the McMuffin.

We Ate That: Portuguese Tarts from Auckland.

What We Ate at Night Feast Brisbane.

Nobu New All You Can Eat Sushi Menu.

You’ll enjoy the Up Late event by Archer, a sex, sexuality, and feminism magazine. It will tackle topics such as identity and gender and also explore the raunchier side of literary life. What about some breathless live readings and some promiscuous prose? Phwoar! Count me in.

Zine Making Workshop

Do you want to start a publishing revolution with your book? Cameron Baker, editor of Mote magazine, runs the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s Zine Workshop. You will learn all you need. You can even fit it into your lunch break. Be creative, people!

Late Night Lit – Nerds Gone Wild

This title doesn’t really explain anything. Nerds Gone Wild gathers six local creatives and writers to debunk the myth that writers are all cool as f#C/k by sharing their secret obsessions. You can expect a lot of nervous laughter, awkward moments, and geeking out.

The School of Life: Therapy through Writing

Writing can be a great way to relieve stress. Getting all your thoughts down on paper will stop them from jumbling up in your head. This School of Life seminar aims to teach you just that. This School of Life seminar will teach you how to use writing as a way to relieve stress. Putting your thoughts on paper can help you keep them straight in your mind.

Ladies of Leisure Closing Party

What is a festival without an end-of-the-festival party? The final Emerging Writers’ Festival event of the year will feature readings, DJs, and drinks. All are hosted by the Ladies of Leisure magazine, which is a group of self-proclaimed incredible women who find time to do things but still have time for a few martinis. This is a manifesto that we can all get behind.

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