Curtains bedroom ideas

The suitable bedroom curtains will make your space look great and help you fall asleep soundly at bedtime.

When arranging your bedroom design, it is essential to consider your drapes. They can significantly impact your design scheme because they cover a large surface area, which stretches from floor to ceiling.

Your curtains can be arranged casually or stand out with a bold color or pattern.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas

We asked experts for their tips on choosing bedroom curtains that look great and leave you feeling rested.

Choose a Curtain Heading that suits your Style.

You can choose from bohemian bedroom ideas or sleek modern looks.

Mariana Ugarte, Jen Choate, and Jen Choate, co-founders of Interior Fox (opens in new tab).

A curtain track system is an excellent sleek, and modern finish option. Tie-top curtains are another option. They offer a more casual look. Tie-top curtains are becoming increasingly popular as they add a rustic touch to your windows and feel light and airy.

This white bedroom has a neutral feel. The black curtain pole ties in with the sideboard and picture frames.

Ugarte & Choate advise that eyelet curtains be coordinated with the curtain pole.

Take the Long Way

Your main bedroom will feel luxurious if you add curtains.

Hang curtains above the windows to add drama and height to the room. The Interior Fox duo says this will make the window appear longer and allow for the best natural light. “When measuring your window, ensure that you measure the entire length of the curtain so it drops to the floor without any gaps.

This dark bedroom is by Murphy Design (opens with a new window). A small space with few windows can feel taller thanks to George Spencer Designs fabric, which hangs substantially above the frame. The ceiling contrasts nicely with the dark blue walls.

Bring Pattern Into A Simple Scheme

Curtains can add visual interest to a room by stretching it from top to bottom. A small-format pattern can bring a claim to a plain bedroom scheme. It will borrow its colors from accents around the room.

This blue bedroom is by Studio Duggan (opens in new window). A Moroccan-inspired curtain pattern brightens a neutral background of grays. You can tie curtains in a room using the same curtain pattern on cushions or drop designs from another place.

You can sleep tight with a blackout lining.

Curtains are first and foremost for blocking out the external world, which includes any unwanted natural light.

I recommend a blackout lining with integrated lining if the curtains are to be used in the bedroom. This will block early morning sunlight, keep your bedroom cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and provide the best drape,” says Harry Cole, founder of Loom & The Last (opens in new tab).

Blackout lining can also be used in living areas at the front of a house to reduce visibility and maintain privacy.

Blackout curtains do not have to be heavy. The Loom & Last curtains have a blackout liner, but they give off the exterior appearance of light cotton.

Linen is eco-friendly

Natural materials are one of the most popular bedroom trends at the moment. We’re all for it if it’s good for the planet.

Cole says that linen is the best choice for eco-friendly curtains. The advantage of using natural materials is their low impact on the environment, which is a significant benefit over synthetics. Linen is made from flax plants and requires little water or pesticides. It is considered the most sustainable fabric.

Beth Webb designed this room. A linen-style curtain shows how this look can combine rusticity and sophistication.

Use Curtains as One Of Many Colored Accents

Curtains, especially modern curtains, can add a lot of color to a room. You can make a room look great by adding one curtain to it. You can pair it with accents in the same color group to create a cohesive scheme.

The guest room has a warm feel thanks to using pink accents in different shades, contrasted with deep leafy greens. A great option is to create a color scheme using soft furnishings in children’s rooms.

Pair your curtains with a blind

You don’t have to use blackout linings to improve your curtains’ light-shielding capabilities.

Choate and Ugarte say that they also like to use blinds with curtains. It filters out light and increases privacy. But it creates a focal point visually that is elegant, timeless, chic, and sophisticated.

This happened in the gray bedroom designed by K&H Designs (opens in new tab). An unusual window arrangement was transformed into a focal point using a sheer curtain and blind that take color inspiration from the bedding.

It is essential that the curtain and blind complement each other. Choate and Ugarte recommend choosing a color for the fabric or the curtain pattern.

Add A Luxurious Lining

Remember that a curtain always has two sides. This means you can have twice the fun with curtain closet ideas.

Although using rustic linen alternatives is unnecessary, lining traditional formal curtains can make them feel more substantial and finished.

Add a lining to enhance your luxury bedrooms. To a pleasant surprise, the bedroom features taupe curtains lined with orange-red velvet and trimmed in soft pink-orange-red velvet.

Keep it neat with a lath and fascia heading.

You don’t have to be brave enough to try the pelmet’s return, but there’s a subtler way to add a heading to your bedroom curtains. This is how interior designer Kit Kemp (opens in new tab).

“A covered ‘lath’ and fascia differs significantly from a full-pelmet. It is a modern hanging mechanism made of a corded track and attached to a board. A fascia of 5 cm covers the way.

A fascia is usually covered with the same fabric as your curtains. It allows you to wrap the curtain rail discretely and cleanly so that it doesn’t drop in front of the windows, letting maximum light in.

Kemp says it allows elegant pinch pleat curtains to be displayed because the curtain is placed in front of the fascia rather than underneath and behind it when the curtains close.

Finish with a Trim

You want to complete work, so tie up your curtains with the ultimate close.

Add a pattern or trim along the edges to give your window dressing a modern twist. These can make simple curtains look modern and transform them into design statements, says Choate or Ugarte.

Kemp says that Kemp is known for his love of details, and this bedroom features red curtains with bright blue trim and red spotted trimming.

“We love to add detail along the leading edge, whether it’s a braid, trim, or piping.”

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