Buyers Guide for Roof Restoration

Every roof eventually ages and needs to be replaced. It may need to be replaced, ripped off, and replaced, or a roof restoration.

You may notice that your roof is losing its original look and you need a roof repair. You should not attempt a roof restoration yourself. To ensure your roof lasts for many years, you will need to hire qualified roof restoration professionals.

What’s roof restoration?

Roof restoration involves assessing the entire roof to determine if it is in need of repair or restoration. A restoration is not the same as a replacement. It will be restored with a coating until it is in an identical condition.

Roof restorations can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to replacing your roof. Your roof can be restored to continue enjoying its benefits for many years without the need for replacement.

What people believe a roof repair is VS. What a roof restore actually is

Many people think that roof restoration is a complicated process. The roofing will need to be restored to its original look and quality. This is not what will happen. It isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

A roof restoration involves the roofing company visiting your home with a product to coat your roof. It will be a high-quality roofing product that is specifically engineered for your particular roofing type. It will be applied to your roof just like paint.

A quality roofing company will be distinguished from a poor one by the level of preparation they make. This is a list that you should do during roof restoration.

  • Replace all broken tiles and ridge caps
  • Flashing must be verified and secured
  • Fix all leaks before you start
  • Cover it to prevent any damage to your home. (Cars, patio furniture, play equipment, etc. )
  • Use pressure washing to clean the roof of any debris
  • Repair or re-caulk roof caps where necessary
  • Primer
  • Coat Roof with engineered restoration product
  • Remove any residues from the restoration product

But, why should you think about a roof replacement?

A roof restoration may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t many benefits to it. Roof restorations can be much cheaper than a full replacement or extensive repair. It is also more eco-friendly as the contractor won’t have to dispose off any used shingles.

When is it a good idea to have your roof restored?

It is a great time to think about restoring your roof if your roof begins to show signs of damage.

It may be time to replace your roof if it appears to be in serious disrepair, or has reached the end of its useful life.

Can a roof restoration stop leaks from my roof?

A roof restoration can be done to stop roof leakages from small holes or other penetrations. The engineered roofing material will flow into the holes as it dries. It will begin to harden and fill the hole. This will prevent future problems.

How long can my roof last after a roof repair?

There will be differences depending on the material used for your roof. Your roof’s life expectancy will be affected by whether you have a flat or slanted roof. After your roof is restored, you can expect to get about 10-15 years more life.

What is the cost of a roof replacement?

Pricing your roof restoration will depend on many factors. When pricing your job, your roofing contractor will take into account all of these factors. A roof restoration usually costs by the square metre. The average cost of a roof restoration project will be around $2500, depending on the material and size.

Is roof restoration worth the effort?

Roof restoration is a cost-effective way to repair your roof, rather than replacing it entirely. You may also get 10 to 15 years more from your roof restoration, so you can delay replacing it for many years.

You can also apply a second coat to your first one. This will allow you to get twice the years out of your roof restoration and put off costly replacements for even longer. This will need to be discussed in detail with your roofing contractor. He will need to inspect your roof and review its history before applying a second coat.

What are some of the benefits of roof rehabilitation?

It may seem like there are only a few benefits to restoring your roof, other than fixing small leaks or making it look brand new again. There are many benefits to restoring a roof.

Increasing the lifespan of your roof. Western Australia is known for its extreme weather conditions. Your roof must be capable of enduring these. All weather conditions, from intense storms to scorching heat to winds to severe storms, can cause roof damage and eventually lead to it falling apart. You need to address any problems as soon as they arise so that they don’t get worse.

Neglecting to address the issue can lead to costly repairs in the future as well as severe damage to your house. It is possible to save a lot of money by restoring it before things get worse.

Avoid leaks as your roof ages. Roof leaks must be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid serious problems like mold, mildew, or structural damage.

Having your roof repaired before you sell your house can make it more attractive and help you sell your home faster. Restoring your roof will make it appear new. This will improve curb appeal and the overall image of your home for potential buyers.

It is important to realize that a roof that is deteriorating will affect the curb appeal of your house. They will wonder how long before they have to spend tens of thousands on a new roof.

This is a major problem that can deter potential buyers. You should consider restoring your roof if it is showing signs of deterioration or getting older.

How can a roof restoration help me save money?

Roof Cleaning: When a roof restoration project is completed, one of the first things that is performed is roof cleaning. This will get rid of all the algae and mould that has grown on your roof. This is vital because mould and algae can grow under your roof and cause damage to the organic materials. You can avoid having to replace the entire roof by getting rid of mould and algae.

Small repairs can save you money: Getting small repairs done as soon as you notice them will prevent them from becoming major problems that will cost you more money. If they aren’t repaired promptly and properly, things like broken tiles or shingles can cause more expensive and serious problems.

Keep your home dry By ensuring that your home is well ventilated, you can prevent mould growth. Mold can cause many health issues, so protect your health and your pocketbook by keeping moisture out of your home.

Enhance the value of your home with Roof restorations can make your roof look brand new again. If you are looking to sell your home, potential buyers will be impressed by the newly restored roof. Although it may not save you any money, it will give your home more equity than money in the bank.

Use a qualified roofing restoration specialist.

You want your roof restored correctly the first time. It is highly recommended to hire a roofing specialist company that specializes in roofing restorations. Roof repairs in Perth will inspect your roof and make sure that it is properly restored so that you have a new roof. For a free estimate and inspection, contact us today


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