Bougie on a Budget: 5 Cost-Effective Home Decorating Hacks

Almost everyone is feeling it right now. The cost of living has reached an all-time peak, but that doesn’t mean your home needs to suffer. Home decorating hacks that are cost-effective can add a touch of luxury to your home without going over budget.

Canberra Outlet has helped me to share 5 of my favorite affordable home decorating tricks. Comment below to let me know what you plan on trying first or to share your ideas for cheap home decor!

Use a vase to elevate your diffuser instead.

But have you ever seen someone put their diffuser in a vase instead of a hand soap or shampoo bottle?

This idea is even better than the home diffusers of today! I bought the vase from Adairs and transferred a diffuser that was already in it.

You can find the right ceramic or small vase to elevate your diffuser. This is an excellent home hack.

Your cushions can be transformed from boring to stunning.

Cushions are one of my favorite cost-effective tricks for home styling. You can transform your sofa with three to five new pillows (depending on the size). Replace the polyester filling with a feather insert to take it up a level.

Feather inserts in cushions give them a more luxurious appearance, and they are also more comfortable because they mold your body.

This trick worked on a cushion that I purchased from TK Maxx. It made a $30 cushion look three times as expensive! Pillows start at $10 in Canberra Outlet. You can treat yourself!

Cut a board to use as a tray.

It’s an incredible hack to use something intended for another purpose. For example, a cutting board or a cheese board is much more affordable than an ornamental tray — even though they may look similar!

I use trays as the base for styling vignettes. These trays are perfect for anchoring small, stylish arrangements. Placing objects like coasters, salt and pepper, and a candle in your bathroom on a tray instantly elevates your style.

If you are looking for a stylish platter, look at the cutting and cheeseboards in the kitchen aisles. There are many shapes and styles available at lower prices.

You can turn any piece of art into a work of expensive art using a frame.

You can use a frame of high quality, such as the one I purchased from Adairs, to create a large-scale illusion.

Create affordable wall art with these popular ideas:

  • Posters are not just cliches of sports stars or celebrities anymore! Many companies work with artists to create affordable photographic or abstract prints. Googling is a great way to find out more about the world.
  • People use all kinds of textiles, from tea towels to quilts, to create wall art. It’s time to go through your cabinets to find hidden treasures.
  • DIY: the plaster-effect trend, which was so popular last year, is still very much in fashion. There are several DIY options you can use to create luxe wall art. You could take your own photos and edit them to suit your home’s aesthetic.

A new trend is emerging for crumbled wall art. You can make your own by crumpling brown craft paper, sold for around $2 per roll at discount stores. Place it into your frame. You have to give it a try. The paper’s texture creates a unique artsy feel.

Use decor as bookends.

Use decorative objects as bookends to enhance your bookshelf style. Ceramic vases and other small decor can be purchased for as little as $15. They are more affordable than bookends but also add interest to the space.

I love this faux coral dish I purchased from Freedom for less than $30. This bowl is a decorative piece, bookend, and functional bowl in one.

Next time you shop, consider this interior design trick to save money and look at home decor from a new perspective.

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